Spirit guardian or intensive mender for pve?

I used to think guardian was better because having a self-aiming healing bot running for longer let me cast other spells like debuff and aoe more often and also focus on stacking more heals in case it's needed. However, once I got into a dungeon with a tank that wasn't a tank and had a bit of trouble (normal white gold tower, I was 400cp). I struggled to get us through mini bosses but at the end (molag kena fight), I couldn't handle it. We kept dying off. Mainly because I was the first to die. Even if I didn't die first, I couldn't keep them alive. I spammed illustrious healing, life amid death, spirit guardian and radiating regeneration but somehow someone ends up outside my reach and kicks the bucket in 10 seconds.
That got me thinking that if intensive mender morph could have done a better job at healing, this might not have happened. I was using blue worm's raiment, if that matters. Also, does this summon have any max range or does it heal everything in line of sight?
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  • UntilValhalla13
    The ghost is actually a smart heal (like the twilight) and will target the lowest health person. The range is pretty far. Intensive is way more bursty, but you have to babysit his duration more, and cast him prematurely ahead of big damage, and not reactionary. Resistant flesh is also a really powerful, yet targeted burst heal. It's a good "Oh [snip]" button.

    With it being normal wgt, I also wonder what specifically was killing everyone. That's easily 4-dps-able. It could just be people standing in bad aoes. On Kena, possibly the lightning waves or the rotating line along the ground. You can only do so much if people aren't paying attention.

    A lot about being a support role is familiarizing yourself with every fight, and knowing when to anticipate big attacks. If your big heals are already ticking when a powerful mechanic hits, it makes things a lot easier. All of that just comes with time and experience. That being said, you can't heal stupid, and if everyone else is just standing there without getting out of the damage, that's on them. Every fight in wgt can be done with everyone fairly close to each other. If they're dpsing from deshaan, you can only do so much.

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  • Necrotech_Master
    i prefer using the intensive one because of the shorter duration, helps generate corpses faster, more corpses = more ulti

    on my necro i use as a tank i use the other one because of the longer duration and dmg reduction (being stam build cant spam magicka skill and dmg reduction obviously helps tanking)
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    makes sense
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