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Mauls can't be bought

I'm just researching traits and need a Maul. So I go to the closest guild trader and buy one. But it turns out to be a Mace. So I go back and ensure the 2-handed melee option is ticked and I buy another with a trait I need to research. That turns out to be a mace as well. No matter what I do I can't buy a Maul
  • hafgood
    Just type maul in the search box
  • mark.alexander5neb18_ESO
    That's what I did, and even narrowed it down by only searching for Mauls in the 2-weapon section. Even the 2-h mauls in the Maul section were classified as Maces and couldn't be researched as Mauls
  • xilfxlegion
    pick a different guild trader
  • Zinpix
    Guild traders just have what people have posted in them, try anotehr trader.
  • Fennwitty
    A 'maul' is another word for '2-handed mace'.

    But as long as it's not Nirnhoned, you can basically ask someone in a guild or even /zone chat if they can make you a certain item for research.

    Nirnhoned weapons tend to need you to provide the Potent Nirncrux or else pay.
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