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Nameplate option for player pets

Currently players pets are under 'Friendly NPCs' is there way they could get their own category? While I like this option set to always (for quests and guild vendors), i dont think anyone wants to sees players companions under this setting.
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  • Araneae6537
    I would love to have this turned off! For me it often ruins the look of placing pets in houses. But it is pointlessly annoying to find a particular guild trader (for instance) without it. I don’t know why anyone would want the nameplates above non-combat pets since it’s not like it shows the actual name you’ve chosen for them anyway.
  • PullaStormy
    I'd love to have this turned off too, it's breaking the immersion when I see a pet in a house with a name tag. :D

    And when it comes to combat pets - I'd love to name them in-game so others could see the names. A similar system from WoW could be implied, where the game generates random inoffensive names for the pets, but this time you could choose one from those. :) Like for example, Strongpaw for the warden bear.
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  • SilverBride
    Currently players pets are under 'Friendly NPCs' is there way they could get their own category?

    I would love this. I would also love if housing had separate rules from the world.

    For example I don't want to see a nameplate over my pets and mounts in my houses but to turn this off I have to have it off everywhere. The same with the toggle for grass. I like it off in my houses so the outdoor areas and gardens look neater, but to do this I have to have grass off everywhere.
  • whitecrow
    I didn't even know you could have nameplates for pets.
  • Visigoth
    This is still a problem (I'm too jaded to think that they'll ever change this... but some tiny part of me still holds out the smallest sliver of hope):

    Companions & Pets should not be in the "Friendly NPCs Catagory" (we use this Catagory to make it easier to find NPCs "like for Objectives, Guild Traders, Merchants, etc." I understand that Players who run Pets or Companions might need/ use this option to make it easier for them to find their Companion/ Pet when they are dead; "easier to resurrect," but for the rest of us it's a real pain having to choose between a QoL "easyer to find NPCs" and a QoL "cleaner UI when playing/ combat.").

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