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Guild for veteran players and lore buffs, social and mutual aid focused for now.

I'm building up a guild focusing on older players, that is ones who've been playing for a good while. Also lore buffs are very welcome.

Guild: Pepperidge-Farm
Remember when the Planemeld was the only threat to Tamriel? Do you remember Veteran Ranks, leveled zones and Alliance zone locks? Pepperidge-Farm remembers. We are a freshly baked guild of veteran players who've been playing for years as well as a collection of lore buffs and scholars. We are focused on community building that emphasizes social facilitation and mutual aid. We plan to expand that scope as our numbers and demand for such grows. We are LGBT+ affirming. Recommended 18+ as we are NSFW despite being wholesome.

If you'd like to join us and help us build this community message or send in-game mail to @Chimaera13.
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