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Buff "Golden Vendor"

With the set bloat and new Monster heads every 5 minutes that become the flavour of the month, isn't it time the Golden got an overhaul?

You either die of old age or the set is irrelevant before the calendar drops the part you want in the Golden, can she sell more items per week, At least more monster sets because it's not like you can sell them so it isn't going to change the economy.

Thank you.
  • gariondavey
    This would be a wonderful change. @ZOS_Kevin please notice this!
    PC NA @gariondavey, BG + Cyrodiil Focused Since October 2017
    Stamplar (main), Magplar, Magsorc, StamDK, MagDK, Stamblade
  • McTaterskins
    Should match the undaunted stuff.

    2 Base and 1 DLC set per week.
    Stop allowing Radiating Regeneration to stack.
    Stop allowing Extended Ritual stacking.
    Reduce the coefficient benefit of offensive stats on healing. Force more "+healing".
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    I think that a welcome "update" would be to add additional items that gold vendor sells. Like a random armour / weapon from dungeon / dlc dungeon. Being able to buy only jewellery is kinda pointless, as if you don't have X Dungeon DLC - you are not gonna use sets from that Dungeon DLC. But if you have a dungeon DLC - chances are, your will rather farm the gear instead of buying Jewellery...
  • Syiccal
    Is there a list of what is available in the rotation for the vendor
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