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(PC/EU) The Dark Brothelhood is looking for more unhinged harlots (mixed Trial / PvE / PvP / Social)

Hey everyone, we're a new guild trying to find more people to join our ranks.

We usually play afternoon hours to way late into the night (2-3am sometimes even later). Currently its just 7 of us, but we would really like to build a nice little community where we can help each other out.

Who is this guild for?

IF YOU...:
- ...want to do trials but haven't had the opportunity yet...
- ...want to farm trial sets but don't want to wait for the one off weekend trial runs all the time...
- ...want to try your hand at running dungeons on veteran... (we have a great healer and tank who can carry you as long as we don't hit any DPS checks, as well as great DD players who can blast through any content as long as you can manage to stay alive in case you are a tank/healer)
- ...need help to get that pesky monster helm you've been wanting but just can't find a good group to clear the dungeon with...
- ...need help with optimizing your rotations and builds for your current level...
- ...want to learn pvp but find it too daunting and don't know where to start...
- ...want a bunch of cool people to hang out with while playing...
- ...want to be in a cool discord server with daily dose of cute animal pics, banter, lifting and health advice, food ***, recipes, and dope emotes...

... then this might just be the guild you're looking for.

What we are asking from those joining?

- Just don't be too toxic (friendly banter and talking [snip] is all what we are for, just don't take it too far)

Really thats all, you can be any level and you'll find even the higher level players will be more than willing to help you with whatever content you need help with.

If you want to join, feel free to look for "The Dark Brothelhood" in game, or reply to this post here with your gamertag and I will invite you when I log on. You can also join our discord server here: (edited with new link)

[edited for profanity bypass]
Edited by ZOS_Icy on November 26, 2021 6:26PM
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