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Constantly stuck in combat in Cyrodiil when others are not

I can be far away from any fight, sometimes even can port in between these combat "pulses" I get into and still across the map get stuck in combat. I reloadui as well, but nothing short of quitting helps it sometimes....can't even logoff because I am "in combat". THis is extremely aggravating, especially when everyone around me is getting on horses while I am stuck in combat. What is going on?
Edited by ZOS_Bill on November 24, 2021 11:18PM
  • malistorr
    Happens to me too sporadically and I think even in other PVE zones at times.
  • techyeshic
    Welcome to my world.
  • NoHospitalvisits
    Soul Shriven
    The lag IS GETTING WORSE. Can't mount in Combat while running solo. Bluescreens are even more frequent. The occasional pop up load screen...Skills not working...All of this is true! I heard from a retired EA Professional Game Tester that the servers currently in use were originally 16 year old WoW Megaservers. What ever happened to Zos moving all the inactive accounts to the Cloud? Looking at the lastest Patch notes, all I see are a large amount of "Who gives a crap" fixes Ps4Na
  • vgabor
    Invest in cp and gear sets which has effect when in combat :)
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