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New housing show to feature all your creations is here: The Fluffy Houseguest

Long story short:


The long story:
"Housing is the real end-game for me." - Zapchie

Welcome to the Fluffy Houseguest show! Every Thursday at 18:00-21:00 UTC I will be touring through player homes on PC EU and NA servers at my channel https://twitch.tv/zapchie, giving all homes submitted to the show an equal chance in the spotlight and offer my personal commentary, insight and even critical breakdown and feedback where requested, and also host discussion on level design, graphical composition and storytelling.

I, Zapchie, your host, have been playing ESO from '17 when I founded the first housing guild on PC EU after the Homestead patch and I've recently returned from a hiatus, looking to offer the housing community another platform to showcase our work at. I'm pretty fresh to streaming, so perhaps no extremely professional showmanship yet, but I offer more than 12 years of experience in level design and audiovisual composition, (and some graphical design), and I will try my best to communicate what I've learned through personal practice.

In each stream session we'll also have a giveaway, tip & screen of the day and of course plenty of great homes to show off! You can submit yours to https://twitter.com/zapchie by mentioning your in game ID, server, house slot/address, and optional house title. Let me know if you're looking for a casual stroll or critical feedback!

Hoping to see you and your house on Thursday! Toodle-loo!

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