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Time for Hammer to Stay in Oblivion

Hammer is wildly unpopular, at least on XB and seems so on this forum. People begrudgingly use it because they feel like they have to. The alliance already in control usually runs the board with it. Everyone else logs off to play something else.

Here's what I suggest.

Remove it completely. 3 to 4 times a day have Sheogorath bless (curse?) the warring factions with glorious purpose!

This translates to 30 to 60 minutes of 150% AP gain for all players and factions.

This will have multiple positive effects.

1. No hammer. No stacking of 3 factions at one location, leading to poor performance across the entire server.

2. It will give players a reason to enter Cyrodiil at non peak hours. Hammer sorta does this but only for the faction wielding it. An across the board ap boost will get players of all 3 factions a reason to join the war effort. Much needed during the mornings and afternoons.

3. This will also give factions a chance to catch up to the leading alliance. For example, If EP owns 1st place because they load up during evenings and late night, the AD crew in the morning and DC crew in early afternoon might get a chance to pick up a lot of points.

4. No one likes hammer. Did I already say that?

I know ZOS doesn't seem to like significantly altering or removing items introduced in chapters or dlc but Elsweyr was quite awhile ago and no one's feelings would be hurt if something like this replaced it.
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  • EmperorIl
    Agreed. This is a broken, mechanic which probably sounded like a good idea but in practice makes zero sense. EP owned the entire map and every scroll on Blackreach yesterday and the hammer spawned for them. Not that they had anything left to take with it.....but still. Dumb. Even if one of the other factions got it what would they do with it? EP would have just zerged it and stole it anyway. Dumb mechanic, delete it.
  • xDeusEJRx
    It's far too overtuned and it creates insane lag and faction stacking to an egregious degree. Volendrung was removed from no CP, can we do the same with the other campaigns as well?
    Solo PvP'er, GM of Holy Grail Seekers. PS4 NA player
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