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The Hunting Grounds Guar Reserve is now open to all [PC NA]

Hello there all.

I recently opened up my second guar reserve to the public, this one known as The Hunting Grounds Guar Reserve.

Unlike the previous guar reserve which was meant to house naturally occurring species and other less-terrifying guar/kagouti, The Hunting Grounds Guar Reserve is home to guar, kagouti and bantam guar of daedric/undead origin. I was originally planning on opening it up before Halloween, but I unfortunately did not have the Frost Atronach Kagouti until this very month.

This one was built with specific residents in mind, hence why I had to wait in order to acquire them, and while it's admittedly less spectacular than my first reserve, I'm still quite happy with how it turned out. Also, I still have about 60 spaces unfilled, so I can actually add to this one if I want to.

While I'm currently waiting for a Mehrunes Dagon Statue to complete my 4 corners of the house of troubles, the "reserve" is essentially complete and features a handful of attractions, with my favorite being Hollojack Grove.

I've included some screenshots from the brochure below for those who don't wish to visit or who don't wish to read the brochure.














You'll need an addon in order to get there as I currently have my first guar reserve set as my main residence--it's located in Hunter's Glade in The Rift.

And speaking of my first reserve, The Northern Elsweyr Guar Reserve is also always open to the public as well.

Feel free to visit any time.
Owner and proprietor of the Northern Elsweyr Guar Reserve and The Hunting Grounds Guar Reserve, Tamriel's home to all things guar.
See the embedded brochures for all information regarding our reserves, as well as our collection status!
  • evymyu233
    very cool!!!
  • Fizzyapple
    I love it! I'll make sure to come and visit. :)
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