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Official Discussion Thread for "Win In-Games Crowns & Goodies During the #ESORocksOut Art Contest"


This is the official discussion thread for the blog article, "Win In-Games Crowns & Goodies During the #ESORocksOut Art Contest"

Submit a heavy-metal themed ESO poster for the #ESORocksOut Art Contest and you could win Crown Packs and a host of Crown Store items of your choice!
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  • SantieClaws
    And this one has entered.

    Dear travellers please look kindly upon this humble khajiit when considering your vote in the Player's Choice award, should she meet the criteria for that category.

    (Vote Claws!)

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws
    Shunrr's Skooma Oasis - The Movie. A housing video like no other ...
    Find it here -

    Clan Claws - now recruiting khajiit and like minded others for parties, fishing and other khajiit stuff. Contact this one for an invite.

    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!
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