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Console QOL Request - Known Recipes Filter in Searches

ZOS can we please have this included in the next console update?

Being a master crafter, I've felt that a 'known recipe' filter in any store search would be a very appreciated addition.

Without access to mods on console, it's the little things like this which are painful to experience on a daily basis.

I'm trying to track down recipes by searching through stores and trying to pick out the new ones (in not just crafting, ALL recipes listed) is a painful experience.

If I could just select a section on my search and tick a check box to 'filter known recipes' that would be a big time saver!

Please make it happen?
  • HedgeHugger
    Extend that to furnishing plans as well.

    Or even put the tag line "recipe known" at the top (like motifs) rather than the bottom as the recipes have varying lengths and only some are available to see without scrolling to the bottom. Would definitely be a time saver there.
  • katanagirl1
    I was surprised that this was not added before a full search option, though that has been incredibly useful!

    I would find this highly useful as a toggle option. If I am looking to buy a plan I would use it, but if I am looking to price similar plans in traders (for the purpose of selling), it would be nice to still see plans I already know.

    (Console user here as well)

    EDIT: typo
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  • hafgood
    Whilst not perfect and s filter would be excellent you don't have to scroll down to the bottom of the plan or recipe.

    Look at the very very top line.

    It will say the type or unknown.

    I scroll down with my eyes on the top line looking to see where it changed from woodworking , blacksmithing, food, etc and says unknown. Then I decide if I want it or not.

    It's time consuming as I have a lot of plans / recipes so a filter would be a help but looking at the top line helps
  • Araneae6537
    I would loooove to have this as an added feature too! It would be great to be able to quickly browse furnishing plans, recipes and motifs that I don’t know. Instead I scan through several pages of basic and Dremora motifs and give up on simply browsing traders’ wares. :disappointed:
  • jaws343
    Furnishing plans, motifs, recipes, and even unknown sticker book items.
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