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Furnishing Idea: Natural Features (Dirt Roads, Dirt Piles, Hills, Sand Dunes, Big Bodies of Water)

I know I have made a lot of individual topics lately, but I keep coming across things that I feel are missing in a home. Things you might even argue are essentials, or "the basics." One of these important things, I find, comparable even to the low population of structures, is "natural features." I will explain and go through my thoughts.

The plots of land we get are often lovely, but to fully make use of them and fill them in, we either must block off areas, transform them, or hope that our cute but small furnishings will fill up the space. Gardens, in particular, will make up at least half of our home's property (at least for those with a yard). Gardens are important. But our options to fill in areas range from a handful of giant boulders to clusters of plants that, sadly, do not work on a surface that is even remotely bumpy, which a yard assuredly will be to some extent without a care for the decorator's needs. The developer might wonder why we have such difficulty filling in areas with *so many options,* but our options are not as much as you might think, and that's because we lack some important gardening foundations.

Dirt Roads
I find myself wanting more and more to be able to make my own natural paths. A placeable dirt road block would be especially nice. Perhaps the center is a dirt strip, then the edges shrubs, bushes, grass strands, or moss. And the size could be something akin to a Solitude Walkway, Stone; not too big, not too small, and instead of stone, the blocky base would be dirt. I don't want to push my luck but it would be mind-blowing if we even got a Curved Path version. That way, we could make winding paths seamlessly.

A Solitude Walkway, Stone, for reference:

Dirt Piles
As many know, if we want straight-up dirt, we either have to rely on the house's land, or find a texture that vaguely looks like it. The closest I think we have is the Clockwork waste piles, but their triangular shape makes them difficult to place, and the big Crown-Only ones are expensive. Which, fair enough, Zeni is a business, but we would be happy with some proper options and alternatives. The other option is the grave mound, but it's rather morbid considering there's a skeletal hand constantly sticking out.

This suggestion, in particular, would make me most happy. It is VERY difficult to shape the land and make it look natural, and something we are incredibly lacking in are grassy hills. My closest alternative has just been dressing up a whole bunch of Alinor Hedges, but it's not very grass-like, only in color, and it is not attached to dirt to make it look authentic. And our "grass" options are also not connected to dirt, are in uneven patch clusters, are long and stick out in odd angles, or would not take kindly to the slightest uneven surface. Nor do they cover a lot of surface. I would love hills of varying sizes, too: small mounds, medium-sized, or ones the size if not bigger than Volcanic Chunks. Or just... really... anything to make my gardens more natural.

Flower Hedges
It is very difficult to cover space in a garden. That is because yards are quite big, and flowers in quite small clusters. I usually have to improvise with colorful trees and meshing them with Alinor Hedges. So, please give us a flowered variant of some kind! White or red roses, or some other kind of flower will do, anything. Just something to really help me fill up space while still looking pretty!

Sand Dunes
We see in Fargrave lots of sand, so it would be great to have more placeable sand, especially as a big furnishing. There are some boulders with "Sandy" textures, and white coral shelves, and meditation rings that are specifically for gardens, but we don't have a lot of "hill" like options. Bonus points if the bottom is relatively flat so that we can make our own beaches. I've tried in the past and it usually doesn't end well.

Big Bodies of Water
I've mentioned this before, but wanted to include it in this post since it's on a related topic. The Sulfur Pools are an appreciated addition to housing, as our bodies of water are limited. However, it is still quite small. I'm sure myself and many others would appreciate a big body of water. Something big enough to be a swimming pool, the perimeter of the Linchal pool, with a depth deep enough to swim in. Or a more natural variant surrounded by dirt, and big enough to be a small pond. I don't care if it's crown only or expensive. I need it.

We also have nothing to accompany the Summerset Waterfalls. It would be nice if we had more long bodies of water, like a stream, to accompany it. It is a very popular furnishing and I would like to be able to make the most out of it.

Big Bushes and Underbrush
Sometimes, not even hedges and shrubs will cut it. I would love if we had bushes that were as big if not bigger than Alinor Hedges, as most of our options are small, short, or don't cover much space. The closest I can manage is mixing hedges with sunken-down tree tops, and even then it's difficult to make it look authentic. Having thick shrubbery would make my nature paths and forests look far more authentic while saving slots.

Tree Forest Clusters
If I am to fill a forest, I need a lot of trees. We have some tree clusters, like the Blackwood editor trees, but they don't cover the most space. I would love to have spaced-out tree clusters to make tree canopies more efficient. This would be a very large furnishing, but have a "cluster" would reduce my slots drastically.

Mountainous Cliffs
Also a huge furnishing request, but currently it is very difficult for me to make my own mountainsides. I would love some large craggy "wall" strips that I could wrap around and loom over the sides of my properties. Currently it takes me a lot of slots to do so, and often times I have to block off large chunks of areas. Bonus points if there were rocky, deserty, volcanic, and snowy versions.

Fallen Leaves
Currently, I have to use vines. So I would like things like leaf piles and fallen leaf clusters, to make my gardens/forests look lived-in.

Falling Effects
This would include things like falling or blowing leaves, falling snow, rainfall, hail, sunbeam, and blowing wind. I admit this is a more demanding request and will not be surprised if we never get them, but I wanted to mention them anyways. Currently I have to be quite creative if I want them, or just simply not have them at all. Perhaps these could even be editor options, like many people have suggested for "weather" options to control time of day.

...This is all I could think of on the spot. Things I've been wanting for years. Gardens, like structures, are difficult to make, and if we had these missing pieces, I think they could be truly great.
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