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Gold Jerry Gold (Social & Trading)

Soul Shriven
Are you looking for a guild that has the perks of a guild trader, but also a friendly and active community? Look no further!

Gold Jerry Gold is a primary social guild that also dabbles in trading. We have a trader every week, and we have EXTREMELY low requirements that mainly depend on your time since last online. Our goal is to have a casual but welcoming guild where people can pick and choose what guild activities they wish to be a part of, without feeling left out of the community.

Both newbies and veterans are welcome! <3

What we offer:
- Weekly lottery
- 10k gold bonuses for top sellers each week
- Multiple guild houses with all the set crafting stations and other necessary utilities (Aetherial wells, Mundus stones, transmutation and armory stations, dummies, vampire utilities, etc.)
- Active Discord server
- Regular trial runs, both normal and veteran
- Occasional contests and other events (screenshot or housing contests, drinking game trials, etc.)

And most of all: a fun, welcoming community!

You can apply from the guild finder (Gold Jerry Gold, social/trading), or message me (@berrybaggers) in-game or here with your user ID!
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