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26 day research times

Does anyone else feel that waiting a month for a trait to research is a bit much. I have master writs that have been sitting in my inventory since August waiting while I research traits to satisfy set requirements. It encourages me to disengage from the game and play other things and only return as an afterthought.
  • daim
    Tbh i think youre right. Back in launch it served it purpose but you cant call it an achievement these days. Not that I care much having all tapped out.
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  • Elsonso
    As I recall... It takes anywhere from 70 days to 128 days to research, per item type. You can research up to 3 traits at a time, but you have to advance in the skill line to get to that perk. Is that a long time? Yep. This is why I don't like to duplicate crafting across characters. I might passively level up a character in crafting, mainly for perks, but trait research is secondary.

    Yeah. There are "instant" Crown bypasses, but those only take off one day... so, not really a definition of "instant" that I can sign up for.
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  • tmbrinks
    can halve the time by using the in-game purchasable research scrolls from the writ-voucher vendor.

    It's a one-time commitment, so I don't think it's too long.

    If you can't quite do the 9-trait master writ, sell it and buy one calling for a lesser number of traits
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  • maximusrex45
    bvburnes wrote: »
    It encourages me to disengage from the game and play other things and only return as an afterthought.

    I guess if you only play the game to do master writs you already have.

  • Zinpix
    My advice sell your master writs and buy master writs u can do, if u need the writs.
  • HedgeHugger
    Sometimes you 'eat' a writ then find you can't complete it.. One of my first writs was for a Morkuldin, Nirnhoned, shield in worm cult style. It taught me a huge lesson in master writs. I did stick that one out and completed it, about 3 months after I ate it :)

    These days I just trash the writ if I've eaten it already, and it's a bit beyond the effort and expense I'm prepared to do., there are always more writs.

    I have a master that can do almost everything, a few newer motif pages short.

    trash the writ if you've eaten it, do another within your range of capabilities.
  • rexagamemnon
    Buy research scrolls with writs, that works for me. I think a week max would be nice though
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  • Merlin13KAGL
    Research scrolls and passives...

    They should have an option to share trait knowledge/decon passives account wide to your main crafter.

    There is no real value in duplciating max crafting across all characters, especially with traits.

    As mentioned, you do it once, have them all, and you never have to do it again. Master writs are intended to be an 'end game' item in crafting terms.
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  • Amottica
    It's a marathon, not a race.

    As a somewhat newer player, I agree with this. We also get research speedups from our daily rewards which helps some. Plus we can research three things at a time per crafting except for jewelry which has significantly less to research.
  • Necrotech_Master
    my main has been maxed out on trait research for years now

    never doing that on my other toons, and starting to get a large pile of freebie research scrolls in my storage that are bound and absolutely useless to me

    wish those were sellable
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