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Disable Skyshard Tracker?

Is there really no way to disable this new feature? I've scoured the game options and map options and I can't find any way to hide undiscovered skyshards from the map. Exploration is one of my favorite parts of this game, and it feels like they just basically gutted a large part of it. I have always loved trying to find all the skyshards on my own, and now I can't ride around a zone without the game spoon feeding their locations to me. Is there seriously no option to disable this feature? If not, could they seriously have not made it optional? It just doesn't make sense. Even if the majority of people enjoy having this stuff given to them for free, a certain percentage of players will not, and since it's only a UI element that could easily be made togglable, it's completely senseless to force it on players. If this feature is truly not optional, does anyone know of any addons that can disable it?

And just a quick note to commenters: please do not waste my time and yours by trying to tell me how I "should" be playing the game, or how you actually like the feature and therefore I should too. That's not what this is about and I'm not here to justify or defend the way I like to play the game. This is a thread about whether or not the feature is optional, and possible solutions for people who desire to turn it off. Thanks.
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  • kwisatz
    Same case here. I hate this new feature. I love finding skyshards my own way, either exploring or following the lead. This black icon is ugly, intrusive and take away part of my pleasure.
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