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Player Writs

Soul Shriven
Like normal master writs, but players can submit them to a board for whatever they need to get crafted like sets, furnishings, potions etc.
I love the idea of playing as a "master crafter" and making rare furnishings for people, but there aren't very many such opportunities as they have to ask around in zone and guild chats.
I'd like for there to be a system where people can place an order for a furnishing or a set piece they can't craft themselves, where better equipped players can go and browse, then deliver just like we do with writ dailies.

Off the top of my head, it could work as such:
Player A goes up to a writ board and submits a request for a chair to be made, and deposits X amount of gold. Crafters should make sure this amount at least covers the material cost.
Player B can then go up to that same writ board and accept Player A's order.
Filling the order within a certain amount of time means Player A gets the chair they requested, and Player B gets the gold by mail.
If the order isn't filled in time, Player B is locked out for some time, and the order is automatically re-submitted for someone else to take.

  • Amottica
    We already have the means for players to contract for what they want crafted. With the social aspect of trading (guilds) it should be easy to get something crafted.

    Also, the system seems complicated by having to track if someone has done the job and then tracking them being locked out of the system if they have not. Especially since they could find that the materials cost more than they anticipated and no longer found the profit worthy.

    Just my thoughts.
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