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Just did a little reading about Ayleid ruins, and then wanted to see which ones we can actually visit in game. And came across Miscarcand, a rather significant ruin in Cyrodiil. However, this ruin can't be visited, but it does actually exist in game, beyond the playable area. seen here: anyone know why they would add this and then not use it? Is it possible its being saved for a later time?

  • Vevvev
    You'll see many ruins and places not used in ESO but they'll have modeled. Like for example you can see Skingrad from the Gold Coast.
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  • MaisonNaevius
    This Miscarcand can be found in the instance of Malabal Tor. It is located in the Colovian Estate area between Gold Coast and Cyrodiil. The region is still not accessible to this day.

    Today, the markings on the ground have changed and the constructions have been removed. The area included the markings for Mirscarcand, Incisor Lair, Fyrelight Cave, RIP, Skingrad. Skingrad was also partially visible but he was also removed. The city is not, however, what it will look like when Colovia releases.
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  • JJOtterBear
    thanks so much for the replies guys!
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