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Server crash, EU? Back in noe

We were in Ruins of Mazzutun and the game crashed on the 2nd to last boss. Not one of us can get back in the game. Are the servers down???

Update back in but no idea why for 5 mins we couldn't get back in
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  • derpymcsquirtle
    Just doing the witches festival and the game crashed on me now neither me or my friends can log back in either…just keeps saying LOGIN FAILED-an unexpected internal error has occurred.please contact customer services (which I will be doing it I can’t log in by tomorrow night)
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are currently investigating the login and server issues players are currently encountering. With multiple threads already ongoing we are going to close this discussion. You can continue discussion and find updates in the thread linked below.

    Anyone else booted from server?
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