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Creation of a Daedric Siege Crawler

So the new preview got me thinking how the Daedra went about making their siege crawlers in the third era.

Siege Crawler

The preview introduces us to a new enemy type which resembles the siege crawlers called an Infernium, and now I'm wondering if it's these creatures that get "upgraded" to these terrifying city destroy weapons of mass destruction. The Siege Crawlers could easily just be cast from a forge and if that is true they'd be like the Dwemer machines, but I think with this new creature being added to the lore they actually might be more related to the factotums and fabricants of Clockwork City being part machine, part creature.

“The Infernium is an awesome new enemy specific to the Deadlands,” says Grebb. “The initial idea was to create a creature that served as the living inspiration for the incredible Siege Walkers we will eventually meet during the Oblivion crisis. Their circular saw-like mouths and extending inner jaws turned out even more disturbing than we had originally intended, and creating something that has a direct connection to the larger history of The Elder Scrolls is always fun.”


It would explain how they managed to get such powerful weaponry not seen anywhere else if they converted these creatures over, unless Mehrunes is that incredibly smart, or knows Deadra that are, that could construct such machines of war from scratch.
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