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New tools on the Masters of Craft Crafting Tools website

My site has been updated. Besides some bug fixes, I also made to following additions:

Crafting Requests Tool
In this tool, you can define a request to let a someone else make (sets of) craftable gear for you, including enchantments (if required). These crafting requests can be shared with others using a shareable link or by e-mail (or printed out if you want). The tool will also calculate how many crafting materials are required to fulfil the request. A series of training gear templates are available, which can be used to quickly make a crafting request for below level CP160 training gear sets.

In future update, we intend to make it possible to send crafting requests to guilds or specific guild members within this site and to keep track of the progress of the request (which can currently only be done manually).

An example crafting request can be found at:

Sharing Motif Stock
You can now make your stock of motifs public and send a shareable link to others. You can of course, also keep your stock private which is the default. The toggle to make your motif stock public or private can be found on the Motifs In Stock page.

My stock of motifs can be found at:

Motifs Material
The Motifs Manager now also displays which material is necessary for each motif and where that material can be found (the latter will be made available in the coming days).

This bring the full tool set on the site to:
  • The Master Writs Manager: Here you can keep track of all the master writs your characters have in stock. It provides you with a way of keeping track of all the master writs you still need to craft and which writs you have already crafted and thus can be turned in at the master Frits merchant. This allows you to craft all items for multiple master writs in one go, then travel to the master writs merchant where you can start each master writ quest and immediately turn in the crafted item. This is way faster than having to travel back and forth between the crafting stations and the master writ merchant. It also allows you to start an experience scroll or experience potions to gain more XP from the master writs quickly.
  • The Motifs Manager: Here you can keep track of which motifs your characters have already learned and which you still need to find. The learned motifs are also linked to the Master Writs Module so you can see with master writs you can and which you cannot yet craft. You can also keep track of your stock of tradeable motif pages and which character (or banker or storage chest) has them. In an upcoming update, we will also provide searching for other players with whom you might be able to trade motif pages based on what you both need and both have in stock.
  • House Maps: You can host interactive maps of your own in-game house with locations to set craftings stations and other services that your house provides, like mundus stones, training dummies etc. You can give guilds access to these maps so players in these guilds can see where they can find what services in your house. There is a link from the master writs module to the location of set crafting stations in guild houses and writs can be sorted on the location in a house making it even more efficient to craft multiple equipment master writs. For several in-game houses, we already provide stock maps to use, for other houses you can upload your own designed map images. Defining locations and what can be found at these locations can all be done on this site with easy to use tools.
  • Daily Crafting Calculator: A tool to calculate how many items you have to craft for daily crafting writs if you want to craft them several days in advance.
  • Alchemy Calculator: A tool to find out which ingredient combinations result in a potion/poison with the one, two or three effects you select. Or combine two or three ingredients to see what effects they provide in a potion or poison.
  • Zone Maps This tool contains all the ESO zone maps and the locations that are important for crafters such as the crafting survey locations and the locations of cratable sets tables.
  • The new Crafting Requests Tool as mentioned above.
  • LadySinflower
    Thank you for all the work you have put into this very useful web site!
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