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[PC][NA] Scarlet Tempest is Recruiting Patient and Friendly People!

Soul Shriven
Scarlet Tempest is a small LGBT-founded-and-friendly (but not exclusive) social guild with an aim to be a supportive and helpful community. Though we are a mostly social guild, do expect a mixture of social and PvE events among the guild activities. Above all, we want to be a safe place for people to convene and assist each other in their game lives! Everyone who is looking for a chill space to have fun in, regardless of skill level, is welcome!

Our offer includes:
- a supportive and non-judgmental community who is there to have fun not to rush each other
- multiple scheduled guild events (from experience farms/player development to zone clears and dungeons)
- inclusive and small, but there will always be someone to talk to
- two guild halls with a few mundus stones, training dummies, and some crafting sets
- a Discord server with bots for ESO news and open signups for guild events
- a continuously growing casual society

Though we are not strictly exclusive for any timezone, most officers are based in the Pacific timezone, leading the events to take place in the evening Pacific time.

Have any questions? Just ask either by leaving a comment here or PMing me in-game. Message @cordedelie in-game!

We hope to see you soon!
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