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Attunable Blacksmithing Station,,,bound and Target Ogrim

So, I have this ...thing.

How do I get it? I went to my giant house in ColdHarbor....
I went to the crafting stations...

but it keep saying

You must be near an Item Set Crarfting Station to use that...

What do I need to do?

The Target Ogrim.....same thing...what do I do?
  • tmbrinks
    The stations are attunable to a set station in the "real world" of the game.

    You have to take it to the overland place for the set you want it to mimic (then you can place it in your house... and use like a normal station as well as crafting set gear)

    For the Ogrim, you should just have to place it and then you can attack it with your characters to practice damage rotations.
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