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[PC-NA] The Divine Conclave (18+ Holy Order Heavy RP Guild)

Soul Shriven

Life before death
Light beyond dark
Good over evil
Since beginingless time, darkness thrives in the void but always yields to purified light...

By the Divines’ Radiance I am that light.

I will protect those who cannot protect themselves
I will illuminate darkness wherever it hides
I will remember those who have been forgotten, and I will bring all people together.

Prepare the way!



NA-PC | US East | Neutral | Holy Order RP

The Divine Conclave is seeking holy knights, cunning spies, sagacious wizards, rebel scum, and everything in between to fight evil and serve the Eight Divines as we prepare the way for the prophesied Heir of Alessia. We are an 18+ good-aligned Heavy RP guild and a part of the Sokan Gaming Community.

Currently in our fourth year with over 200 members, we are one of the most active roleplay guilds in ESO with something happening every evening.

Daily Events – Adventures, quests, ceremonies, debates, duels, academy, social, and tavern roleplay, with more than 30 scheduled events each week!

Mentor & Disciple – Choose a mentor, make friends, and learn the ways of the Conclave.

Holy Orders – Adventure across Tamriel alongside the Templars, Inquisitors, or Magisters, each with its own style of roleplay. Campaigns feature an ongoing story and experienced DMs.

Paths to Victory – Specialize as a Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. Pick your abilities, then enter the arena and compete to become a Champion of the Conclave.

Sect Politics – Join the rational Hallowed Heart, the progressive New Dawn, or the orthodox True Path for in-character political struggles that can steer the course of the guild.

By the Eight – Dedicate yourself to one of the Imperial deities and advance in the clergy. Recover holy relics and run for High Priest.

Roll Initiative – Spar against comrades-in-arms or battle fearsome Daedra using our own d20-based combat system. Easy to learn, with hundreds of possible builds.

Virtue System – Gain attributes (Fortitude, Cunning, and Judgment) as you rise through the ranks, and maintain them through Seminary classes.


Brand new and veteran roleplayeres are welcome to apply! The Divine Conclave accepts a variety of characters with the following expectations:
  • 18+ (mature themes, no public ERP)
  • Devotion to the Eight Divines
  • No vampire, werewolf, or necromancer characters (these are fine for out-of-character game builds)
To get started, look us up in Guild Finder, or head to our website and fill out a short application. Become a part of a great community and leave your mark on our guild’s story!

The promise of the Era to Come
A Conclave that cares for you
The Divines’ plan and purpose to guide you

Prepare the way!


Banner Art: The Nine Divines Stained Glass by lukkar
  • Verse_D
    Soul Shriven
    Frostfall Spotlight

    Six were chosen by moth-flown prophecy to guide the Divine Conclave. The Prophet-Martyr spoke truths doomed to be misunderstood until they had already come to pass, but those whom he elevated to lead carried true insight into how the world would be changed.


    ‘This Crusade is far from over. We have been close before and we will be again, for today is an obstacle not an end.’

    Braghul gro-Ruumsh
    Title: Exarch | Age: 60 | Race: Orsimer
    A pragmatist, highly educated and fashionably attired, focused on bettering the world in which he is but a part.


    ’It is always darkest before dawn.’

    Ashtu Del'sa
    Title: Master-at-Arms | Age: 31 | Race: Redguard
    A scarred predator who has channeled his rage over past injustices into duty and love to his new family.


    ‘Don’t let fear hold you back from moving forward.’

    Aramania Del'sa
    Title: Commandant | Age: 31 | Race: Imperial
    More a rogue than a soldier, driven to guard others from the struggles that defined her youth.


    ’It is refreshing to be invisible.’

    Nadia Alaza
    Title: Grand Archivist | Age: 34 | Race: Redguard
    A sheltered Ash’abah librarian and swordswoman who prefers to know others through the stories they leave behind.


    ‘Hey, guys, I’m Phin. How about I introduce you to some of our mentors.’

    Phinean Vextineous
    Title: Consular | Age: 35 | Race: Imperial
    A bookish warrior, kind to those new to the Conclave, shy in front of a crowd, and willing to see any quest through to its end.


    ‘When I look back on my past, it is not with shame. They were lessons that lead me to where I am supposed to be in my life now.’

    Tiye Jorahl
    Title: High Chancellor | Age: 65 | Race: Bosmer
    Vivacious and lively with a heart filled with love and compassion for those who need help, be they animal or people.

  • Verse_D
    Soul Shriven
    Sun's Dusk Spotlight

    The Divine Conclave’s headquarters is the ancient estate of Revakdein, located on a spur of the Crescent River near Arenthia in Reaper’s March. The region is a melting pot of Imperial, Bosmer, and Khajiit culture, and officially a part of the Aldmeri Dominion. The Divine Conclave carefully guards its neutrality so that we may operate in distant lands and welcome new comrades-in-arms from all over Tamriel.


    Within there is a chapel to Saint Alessia and the Eight Divines where new pilgrims take their oaths, a library where the history of our Order is taught, and a hall of debate where we decide our future together.


    The air about Revakdein is heavy with the weight of history. It harbors many secrets, not least of which is the Aeonstone which illuminates its outer pool. Brothers and sisters of the Conclave meet often in the nearby tavern for drinks, music, games, and conversation.


    The Dragonfires have gone out in Cyrodiil, but the Conclave found an ember still burning in the icy north and brought it with them to Revakdein. The Aeonstone that permeates the estate amplifies whatever magic it absorbs, including that of the remnant Dragonfire. These are but sparks compared to what once burned in Imperial City, but they are enough to protect our Holy Order, reminding us always of the noble past that has been and can be once more should we prepare the way for the Era to Come.

  • Verse_D
    Soul Shriven
    Evening Star Spotlight

    The Divine Conclave believes that good roleplay happens when the decisions you make about your character have consequences and weight. We don't believe that roleplaying in an MMO should mean missing out on the experience of representing a character's abilities within a stat system.

    The three Virtues are one of the systems we use to facilitate narrative-building roleplay, allowing characters to specialize and shine. You can unlock and choose your Virtues on reaching certain milestones, such as advancement in rank or initiation as a Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. The system is simple to explain but deep enough to permeate all our events, from adventure campaigns to duels to academy classes.


    Fortitude measures your strength, constitution, and endurance. A character with greater Fortitude can perform feats of brute force or athleticism, shows greater perseverance in the face of adversity, is better at intimidating others, and can focus more power into their magic.


    Cunning measures your charisma, dexterity, and perception. A character with greater Cunning shows finesse in combat, speaks with a silver tongue, and is skilled at tracking and artistry. They are natural acrobats with a finely-tuned sense of balance.


    Judgment measures your intelligence, wisdom, and insight. A character with greater Judgment may apply their knowledge of the world to healing injuries, finding patterns, and solving puzzles. They might identify the crackle of magical lightning, the glow of a rune, or the alchemical components in a mixture.

    The Divine Conclave's Virtue system allows for a diversity of characters within the Elder Scrolls setting: the willowy arcane scholar with maximum Judgment, the blockheaded ex-Legionary with all Fortitude in her shield arm, the jack-of-all-trades spellsword with points in all three Virtues, and plenty more.

    So what kind of character will you play?


  • Verse_D
    Soul Shriven
    Evening Star Spotlight

    I am Leona Paleus of Chorrol, Paragon of the Divine Conclave, Silken Eloquence, Voice of Debate, Adoring Orator, Mage, Chancellor of the New Dawn, Curate of Dibella, Lead Loquenti of the Inquisitors.


    Varen’s Rebellion brought Leona’s family from Chorrol to Imperial City, and the Planemeld forced Leona to Hammerfell and Craglorn, where her skills as a healer garnered the attention of a group of bandits called the Greycloaks. Freed by a Paladin of the Divine Conclave, the young woman pledged her service to the Holy Order, using her skills to aid those unable to defend themselves.

    Effervescent and loquacious, and bad at keeping secrets – unless they pertain to love – she was named the Chancellor of the New Dawn, the most progressive of the Conclave’s three sects.

    “We cannot sit by and allow change to come to us. We must actively seek to bring about the reformation of the world we live in, creating a place of mercy, redemption, and kindness for everyone...”

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