[EU/PC] Silverdawn - Active trial guild for new and experienced players

Soul Shriven
Guild with over 300 members looking for more new and experienced to fill our open runs and also select prog groups.

Hey there, Silverdawn is a guild that was created a few months ago that started with newer players hosting daily training runs. Since then, we've had what were pretty new players to trials work their way up to HMs and some even trifectas! Within the guild, we have cleared all HMs and one of the progression groups has also completed a 3:23 fight time 116k Immortal Redeemer.

Currently looking to further our members so that we can do a larger variety of trials which are beneficial to a more broad selection of players. If you are interested, feel free to join the discord linked below.


We are also looking for more DDs for a Dawnbringer scorepush group. Trifecta experienced greatly preferred with logs required. Message one of the admins for more info.
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