Halloween's skeletons invasion

Hello, EU server friends!

Did you ever encounter some crazy guys in dubious attire dancing in the middle of towns each saturday at 16h(UTC) ?
If yes, congrats: you met the French escapees of our little asilum in Tamriel: L'Effet Mwamahll!
If not, be ready.

Because we're back... With even more backbone:
We intend to conquer the Hollow City (Coldharbour), by making a WHOLE ARMY OF DANCING SKELETONS for Halloween!! Ψ( ●`▽´● )Ψ


And for that, we transformed our "Saturday nigt fever" into a deadly propaganda:
Each saturday in a new town, our Bone's band will be seen enticing meat people to drop their skin suit to join us on the dancefloor!

We're so dead serious with our project that we're not afraid to bring our own celebrities in if it means getting more skeletons ready for our invasion: the Rolling Bones and the Backstreet Bones were there last saturday... and they might come again!
Though they don't sign autographs (not that they didn't try, but they tend to lose a few phalanges in the process and -apparently- THAT disturbs living people...), you can come and mingle with them each saturday in these towns:

23rd October, 16h(UTC) : Wayrest (Stormhaven)
30th October, 16h(UTC) : Vulkhelguard (Auridon)

Or you can wait to come for The Grand Finale on Halloween:

Sunday, 31st October from 17h to 18h(UTC) in the Hollow City (Coldharbour) ; hopefully for a crazy-deadly-amazingly BIG skeleton party!!

(Don't forget the time change if your country uses Daylight saving time!)

We're still a very small Bone's Band, but we hope to make it big by Halloween with everyone's help.
So if you like the idea to breathe some life back into Coldharbour thanks to an army of very lively skeletons... please do come, with your cleanest set of bones!
Feel free to talk about our project with your guilds and friendly gravediggers, or to leave some tracts in the hands of the draugrs you meet while dungeoneering. ;)

Will we be able to set a record of the biggest amount of dancing bones in the Hollow City?
There's only one way to find out: come and... Dance!

Useful tips:
If you can't find us, that's because you're on a server where we're in our ghost form. Don't worry, you can contact @Wyou in order to be grouped long enough for you to TP on the right server.
You don't know how to show off your bones? No worries: you can get the skeleton polymorph by completing the Stillrise village quest (Shadowfen) ! ;)
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Seigneur des Draps, Créateur de L'Asile où se retrouve la secte "L'Effet Mwamahll".
  • TayRiddlez
    Thanks for the funny bones who joined our dances so far! We're still very far from being a Bone's band big enough to invade Coldharbour though : we had less dancers than we had vertebraes today, it felt very much... Dead. :o

    That's why we'll change things a bit and go to a livelier place next saturday: instead of Daggerfall, meet us here:

    >> 23rd October, 16h (UTC) : Wayrest (Stormhaven) <<

    And bring all your skeleton guildmates if you can! :D
    Seigneur des Draps, Créateur de L'Asile où se retrouve la secte "L'Effet Mwamahll".
  • TayRiddlez
    It turns out that Molag Bal heard about our plans and interrupted our last training session with a massive "disconnect attack" on Tamriel... How rude!

    We'll not let him win that easily, though : TOMORROW WILL BE THE D-DAY!! ... Yep. That's the Dead's day alright!


    We haven't built a very big army so far, but meeting all your skeletons was absolutely awesome! Sharing this hour of fun with you all every Saturday would have melted our hearts... If our ribcages weren't empty! :p

    But now it's time to bet on you all fun people of Tamriel: will you be here to become a part of our Truly Evil plan of invading Coldharbour?
    Will we be a big enough Bone's Band to make His Daedric Evilness go weak at the knee?

    There's only one way to find out: come join us for Halloween !

    Sunday, 31st October from 17h to 18h(UTC) in the Hollow City (Coldharbour)

    (Is dancing not evil enough for you? Lend your computer to grandma for a bit: I'm sure she got moves that will amaze us! B)<3 )

    And if you don't see us at said time, PM @Wyou in game to be grouped so that you can tp on us!
    (Do whisper sweet nothings in my chatbox ; don't sent a mail. The last time I tried to read my mails while dancing... I woke up as a skeleton! I'm not doing that again obviously so if you want to be sure I get the hint, use the /w ! ;) )
    Seigneur des Draps, Créateur de L'Asile où se retrouve la secte "L'Effet Mwamahll".
  • TayRiddlez
    A big thank you to all the skeleton dancers who came invade the Hollow City: we had a crazy fun time with all of you!


    We couldn't immortalize it better than that but next year we'll try to find a kind soul to film the whole crazy thing!

    Anyway, we were truly happy to find so many people were interested to join us for our insane idea of fun! And quite a few of you came with some very smart puns and jokes that did brighten our day night! <3

    We'll see you again next year, hopefully for an even bigger skeleton invasion with even more vertebrae joining us ( and no: stealing your neighbour's ones doesn't count: put those back where you picked them up!)!!

    In the mean time, keep your skin on and stay warm my skeleton friends. ;)
    Seigneur des Draps, Créateur de L'Asile où se retrouve la secte "L'Effet Mwamahll".
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