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Jewelry missions?

Was running around on a baby alt in Somerset to get started on crafting. Right outside the craft area gate, there's a guy standing there. Gives the quest to start getting jewelry crafting dailies.

When did that start?

Oh, and a question:

Do my alts need to research gear traits to be able to transmute? or can I have my crafter wally main do the research and everyone else gets it like with CP?
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  • tmbrinks
    Jewelry writs were introduced when Summerset launched in 2017? 2018?

    Yes, your alts all need to research traits separately. They are not account wide like CP. (but you can transmute on your main and use the gear on your alts)
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  • Fikkan
    Thank you many muches for the info.
    If at first you don't succeed, LFG.
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