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Xbox Patch Notes v1.25.2.0

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.25.2.0 includes fixes for voice chat and a few game crashes, including some of the frequent crashes occurring on Xbox Series X|S since the last incremental. Also included are a few adjustments for the Hrothgar’s Chill item set. The size of this patch is approximately 906MB.


  • Please note the two known issues below are carryovers from the previous incremental patch and are still relevant.
    • The size of the next few ESO incremental patches may be larger on Xbox Series X|S than other platforms. This is not intended, and we will be working to resolve the issue across future incremental patches.
    • There is a known issue that can cause a crash when using void portals in Bthar-zel and other situations. This crash will no longer cause a reset of the entire console but will still crash the game client. A fix for the remaining crash is coming in a future update.


  • Red Petal Bastion
    • Prior Thierric will no longer occasionally turn invisible during the fight.


PvP Sourced
  • Hrothgar's Chill:
    • This item set now deals 13% of the added Physical and Spell Resistance on the initial target, down from 26%.
    • This set now ignores mitigation on all targets to ensure it remains a potent tank punishing set.
    • Fixed an issue where the explosion damage of this set was not being affected by Battle Spirit.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when running the game with Russian localization and selecting a recipient to send mail to.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fast traveling to a Wayshrine in another zone while a Companion is active.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in some specific situations, such as two grouped players sharing a follower and entering the water.

Voice Chat
  • The system now remembers voice chat guild and room information of the last used channel across logins.
  • The system will now remember your preferences to join or not join Area channel voice chat across play sessions.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing group voice channels to sometimes become unavailable after leaving a guild voice channel.
  • Fixed some UI errors with voice chat that could occur when changing regions.
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