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LF that Good Man Who Helped Me LVL Up - PC EU

I was sitting in Craglorn, crying. I was looking for some XP runs for my alt - oh, yet another alt I made. Yeah, I'm an altoholic. And... there he came! He took me away from Craglorn to other place he thought fit. And he helped me to make my alt grow from lvl 10 to CPs I already had!

And it took really few hours for me to get a character of my dream. And... I was away for some time. I lost him. I searched my friend list, I sent some PMs. The answer was "No, it was not me". But now again I... well, I want to try a new character. I want it quick! I need my Good Man Who Helped Me - PC EU. If you know him, please, PM! Pretty please!
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