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Official Discussion Thread for "Missed The Gates Of Oblivion Year End Stream? Watch It Here"


This is the official discussion thread for the news article, "Missed The Gates Of Oblivion Year End Stream? Watch (Or Rewatch) It Here"

Missed the Gates of Oblivion Year-End Steam? Catch up on the developer deep dive and all the latest news from the show here!
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  • Quickick
    Is there a way to get the pony drop for those that had to work during the livestream?
  • seecodenotgames
    there are more streams tomorrow with a second chance of getting the pet
    Houses on PC EU (newest first)
    34. Rada's Summer Getaway (Potentate's Retreat) - A Redguard mansion with a dark vampiric secret in the basement
    33. Cascadia Wine N Dine (Sweetwater Cascades) - Vineyard and meadery with two restaurants and a chapel
    32. Walled Kitchen Garden (Amaya Lake Lodge) - Fresh produce and cut flowers for sale. Hot food served in a family restaurant.
    31. Luckycat Summerhouse (Lucky Cat Landing) - A khajiiti villa with spa and dining
    30. Helene's Boutique (Water's Edge) - The famous dressmaker has opened a new dress shop in town.
    29. Alinor Garden Party (Mathiisen Manor) - A party in the flower gardens of a Altmer noble's manor
    28. Markarth Bath House (Stone Eagle Aerie) - A relaxing spa and bath house with an arts and craft centre
    27. Treeboat house (The Gorinir Estate) - No one know how an imperial ship ended up in the treetops
    26. Varlaisvea College (Varlaisvea Ayleid Ruins) - An ancient library has been discovered deep inside an Ayleid ruin
    25. City on the Moon (The Orbservatory Prior) - Moonbase with housing and an inn under the stars
    24. Lakemire Water Gardens (Lakemire Xanmeer Manor) - Relaxing hanging gardens and a fish restaurant beneath the Xanmeer
    23. Hircine's Hunt Club (Hunters Glade) - A relaxing villa for werewolves to feast in the ever refilling hunting grounds
    22. Lost Dwarven Kingdom (Shalidor’s Shrouded Realm) - A lost Dwemer king's palace has been found in a mage's pocket realm
    21. Witch Tower Inn (Exorcised Coven Cottage) - An abandoned witch tower, converted into a Breton inn.
    20. Topal Fishing Resort (Grand Topal Hideaway) - A resort in the middle of a fishing lake on a private island
    19. Castleton Manor (Alinor Crest Townhouse) - The home of Lord Castleton and his daughter Sonja
    18. Cave of BBQ N Ribs (Earthtear Cavern) - A secret rocky dome, hosts a BBQ and ribs restaurant
    17. Who Lived in a Shoe (The Ample Domicile) - There was an old reach witch who lived in a shoe
    16. Dwemer Party Tower (Hall of the Lunar Champion - Lion's Cradle) - A dwarven flying tower repurposed for parties
    15. A Taste of Alinor (Sleek Creek House) - A small piece of Alinor beside a creek
    14. Lava Submarine Base (Bastion Sanguinaris) - An evil vampire alchemy lab, accessible only via a lava submarine
    13. Spirit-tree Library (Wraithhome) - A library built atop an ancient forest within an ancient Daedric ruin
    12. Golden Beach Palace (Thieves' Oasis) - A dwarven inspired Redguard beach resort
    11. Mad Scientists House (Cyrodilic Jungle House) - Workshop and garage with an experimental De-lore-ean
    10. Big Toy House (Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery) - Two life sized doll's houses and a inn beneath the stairs
    9. Icy Falls Inn (Forgemaster Falls) - Two Nord lodges on a lake, serving mead and fresh fish
    8. Blue-ice Palace (Stillwaters Retreat) - Solitude, but on a frozen lake
    7. Mushroom Manor (Coldharbour Surreal Estate) - Dunmer house built from giant mushrooms
    6. Vampire Academy with wine bar (Daggerfall Overlook) - Come for the nibbles; stay for eternity
    5. Three Pillows War (Grymharth's Woe) - Re-enact the three banners war with pillow forts and floof balls
    4. Treefern House (Moon-sugar meadow) - Giant treefern treehouse
    3. Artaeum Theatre/Opera housel (Grand Psijic Manor) - Tiered Balcony
    2. Imperial Bridal Suite (Linchal Grand Manor) - Wedding venue with bridal suite extension
    1. Dragonguard Penthouse (Jode's Embrace) - 3 Extra floors, with indoor conservatory and top floor gym
  • Quickick
    Ok thank you. I didn't see anything on the schedule for another stream.
  • chrisw_63_ESO
    Same here.. I work, and no way to get home in time to see the stream. Would be nice if someone <COUGH>Bethesda<COUGH> would post a schedule of the qualifying streams.
  • Quickick
    I have been told that we can get the pony drop until Tuesday and That Tuesday is the only day we can get a chance for the drop. can someone definitively tell me if we can still get it and how?
  • Araneae6537
    I do like the music video, just watched it again B)
  • Dimestore
    Soul Shriven
    Quickick wrote: »
    I have been told that we can get the pony drop until Tuesday and That Tuesday is the only day we can get a chance for the drop. can someone definitively tell me if we can still get it and how?

    A definitive yes or no would be good, yes. Many of us are in similar situations
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