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XB Series X is unplayable in Cyrodiil

Ever since the last patch, running my XB SX in Cyrodiil results in force closures to the home screen over and over within the span of even a half an hour. I can't speak to other areas of the game as I only PVP. To reproduce, load into Cyrodiil and do anything. Travel? Force close. Get in a battle? Force close. Go to a merchant? Force close.

Things I've done to fix it.

Hard reboot XB.

Delete save game and reload.

Checked all my ports and the usual stuff regarding the network, including rebooting.

There are two topics on elsewhere on the forums but I felt it necessary to place a post here under bug reports. Yes, I have also reported this in-game a couple days ago and received no messages in return.

Whatever was done seriously needs to be undone. No one wants to do much of anything in Cyrodiil because it's an issue affecting most users. Why go travel halfway across the map to defend/take something if you're just going to get booted out of the game.
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  • morchand23
    Its unplayable for me to! Now my xbox x wont shut off after being booted for the 12 th time!
  • n0she1teR
    I have the same issue, seems to happen to me the most when I’m fast traveling or spawning back in after a death. I have a XB series X… never happened before the incremental patch that nerfed hrothgar and brought deathmatch only BG’s.
  • Lucozade85
    It's not just Cyrodiil. It's happening across the board.
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are actively investigating the crashing issues players have run into since the last update. An update has been posted here. With multiple threads discussing these crash issues we've decided to close this thread. You can continue discussion in the thread linked below.

    Constant crashes on console since enhanced update
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