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PS4 Gray Host population imbalance

I’m sure the whole population imbalance thing has been beaten to death but at what point does ZOS finally deal with it? Seriously it’s incredibly lame how one empire is always around 20k ahead of the other two and its just the two that are neck and neck for second place. All it does is discourage people from sticking around and increasing the number of people to whatever will be the winning side. Its lame as hell when its DC, lame as hell when its AD, and its lame as hell when its EP. You cant ever count on the player base to make your game better for you, it will just never happen.
Right now EP has 3 bars and DC and AD… none, wow what an exciting experience for all right? And for the last two months it has been the same thing, EP is almost always pop locked and DC and AD during prime time in US for at last a few hours will be pop locked but then most log for the night yet The chosen empire (EP right now) will remain pop locked taking everything and holding all through the night.

Want to fix it? Simple make the max population for all three a floating number where it will be set to the lowest population count of the three. Example if one team only has 30 people then the other two can field 30 people, and one has a que of 200 waiting to get in oh well. If the empire that is setting the max number starts to develop a que then the max number for all will be increased. Allowing more to play from all side.
Nice thing about this is that no one team can simply dominate the map 20 hours a day every day. Don’t want to sit in a 200 man que switch then.

I know there will be those who dont like the idea of the lowest pop setting the limit for the other two but I am sure those are the ones who are just in it for the win only.
  • vms11934
    Sounds like an interesting idea. Easier to implement on servers that aren't alliance locked, but on GH might need to show a number of how many people are currently 'subscribed' to a particular alliance to prevent people from being stuck in incredibly long queues (while also encouraging them to play a different alliance).

    A likely problem, though, would be people finding a way to never log out and keep their spot in the alliance of their choice (e.g by using macros to always perform actions at home base and never get booted for inactivity).

    In the end, I just doubt ZOS really cares.
  • geonsocal
    jerj6925 wrote: »
    Don’t want to sit in a 200 man que switch then.

    and, then came faction lock...which to be honest, i'm perfectly okay with, but - it didn't help pop imbalances...

    EP is gating us pretty consistently these days on both servers...

    i'm not sure about your idea...i get it though...maybe ensure the low pop balance buff/AP boost thing works better (incentivize)...

    make those leaderboard folks do more work off hours during small scale time :)
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  • Cleveland521
    Bring on a 4th faction we have red yellow and blue bring in the black faction it’ll balance out pvp lol
  • NerfSeige
    Red still have the numbers, if you bring in a 4th alliance those overflow from red will just queue there…. And still help the pact… cause skyrim… so yeah, I rather have zos adjust the scoring/low pop bonuses.
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  • Wolfpaw
    Imo It's because mega server's aren't region locked, & too many players faction swapping each campaign. No chance to balance.

    Could use restrictions on both.
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