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Series X - Your game is broken as F

Since the last patch I've ctb around 30 times. It's constant. Happened three times in last ten minutes. One the last time I got an infinite loading screen. And we still have to reset the stupid video settings every time. That was a problem before this patch but since the patch it's an every log in occurrence. What the hell guys?
  • SavageCabage456
    Soul Shriven
    same problem.
    Before latest update game crashing and kicking back to dashboard were fairly rare, maybe once every 6-8hrs game time.
    I have played 1hrs since latest update and crashed to dashboard 4 times!

  • ZOS_Ragnar
    Hello! Our Developers are aware of this issue. In order to consolidate the reports and information you have about this problem, we are closing this thread. We welcome you to contribute your details to the existing thread on this problem found here.
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