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Daggerfall Wolves looking for new pack members and trial leaders


We are a primarily a trial teaching guild, with already over 1,000 scheduled trial runs in 2021 (we believe this might be the highest figure on PlayStation for the NA or EU server). We are looking for some new active members that are relaxed and friendly, but most of all show good levels of patience and kindness towards others. Also, our trial leader numbers could do with boosting since we love to run as many scheduled trials as possible to give our pack as many options for a full gaming experience (no matter the skill level or time investment).

What are our guild's selling points??
  • Guild is one of the oldest still active (Week 1 console release)
  • Discord active for pre-signups to all scheduled rosters
  • NO dps testing required (we trust our members when they say they are ready for harder content)
  • NO gear checking (we understand this makes optimization more difficult, but it means mechanics and learning them matter)
  • Drama/Toxic free environment (we mean it when we say this - we actively stamp out the first signs of problems)
  • Well organised and oiled machine that aims to start all trials at the exact time we say they start
  • Good time zone coverage for offered content (trial leaders are based in various countries and time zones)
  • Mini-Progs (4-week progressions that move around the veteran dlc trials for those who can only commit for short term, or prefer time limited progs)

So, we don't DPS test or gear check... which means we don't complete harder content, right?? Wrong... We only have a few hardmodes left to finish. Here is a list of the guilds current clears:-
  • Veteran Hel Ra Citadel (including hardmode)
  • Veteran Aetherian Archive (including hardmode)
  • Veteran Sanctum Ophidia (Including hardmode)
  • Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj (hardmode prog currently active)
  • Veteran Sunspire (hardmode on both Ice and Fire dragons completed)
  • Veteran Halls of Fabrication (including hardmode)
  • Veteran Aslyum Sanctorium (hardmode prog currently active)
  • Veteran Cloudrest (including all plus 1, with hardmode prog currently active)
  • Veteran Rockgrove (hardmode not yet attempted)
  • Veteran Kynes Aegis (hardmode prog currently active, Yandir hardmode completed)

If you think you might be interested in joining us, you can find us in the guild finder quite easily (we have over 400 active members), or you can message brandyvicious- or Rittings on PSN for more information. Please remember in both methods to not leave your message blank, as we have lots of applications daily, and blank applications are usually ignored...

We look forward to seeing you soon!!! #OneLoveOneTamriel
  • Rittings
    We are still actively recruiting!! New poster for content completion... Remember blank applications via the guild finder tend to be overlooked as we get many applications per day, with quite limited space!!

  • Rittings
    Heads up to potential recruits too - this Saturday when we release our roster schedule/signups for the week, we are likely to exceed 30 scheduled trial rosters!!!!! Get in and grab some trial badges in our "medal" system that we use to show your progress within our pack!
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