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[IDEA] Craft tree - Perk 'Crafter's Boon'

In a nutshell, let researching traits matter. Not only to get Writ Vouchers, but some extra gold. Mind you, it would have to be slotted.

"Increases gold gain from Crafting Writs by 0,5 % per number of traits researched in respective Crafting skill line. Cumulative with other perks."

How it works:

eg.1) 4 traits into Woodworking = 2% gold gain. Instead of getting 663* gold, you'd get 675 (663 + 13) BUT just from Woodworking Crafting writs (both daily and master).
* - with 'Fortune's Favor' passive perk.

eg.2) 9 traits into Blacksmithing - 4,5% gold gain. Instead of getting 603** gold, you'd get 630 (603+27) BUT just from Blacksmithing Crafting writs (both daily and master).
** - without 'Fortune's Favor' passive perk.

Obviously, this would work best with crafters.
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