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I would like a ghost that walks around and disappears and ...Also being able to list your house

How about some NPCs or House guests you could QUEST to get? Maybe collect the bones of a long lost hero and allow them to rest in your home and having a ghost npc which you can set on a path thru out your home or property?

Also I UNDERSTAND there is a select group of people who would not want visitors etc etc..

BUT for those of us who would enjoy showing our homes off, how about a way to list our homes maybe in capital city's .

This would do the following.

Allow more for a sense of community
Encourage others to decorate their homes and show them off
Give people ideas on how they might want to decorate their homes.
Put youtubers who make videos of other peoples homes out of business. ( give them more time to play ESO instead of make YouTube videos)
Bragging rights for acquiring decorating items from quests thus encouraging others to try and obtain that item.

Its an over all WIN to give us the option to have some sort of listing that appears in game where people can randomly visit other peoples homes.
SWTOR did it and it was really fun, It would be nice to see ESO do the same thing.

  • everseeing_njpreub18_ESO
    I would love anything added to the game to get you out into the world to DO, love the idea of recruiting house-guests, rescuing them, whatever, a lot like the Precursor quest-line.

    But as I'm sure most will post, its more profitable to sell them. Every MMORPG I've played over the years, once the "store" appears much (if not all in some games) of the "cool" stuff ends up there rather than in the game. Honestly i think ESO has been doing it pretty good, but they have to walk the line to make there money to run the game.


    On the second note, i use EHT Mod and you can list open-houses for others to visit, i am also in a housing guild which has a lot of great builders, but that's only a small percent on people playing. Like SWTOR i would love an in-game version where you could open your house to anyone, and for me to go visit others, which i love doing.
  • Banetek
    Well they could make mini DLC to acquire house guests , EVEN a CHOICE DLC where you could choose only one or the other quest and obtain a house guest.

    I would like to see the hooks expanded too, its getting to be really difficult to choose decorations. I can't imagine how bad guild leaders have it trying to maintain their guild halls.
  • SilverIce58
    That'd actually be a great idea, to list homes in capital cities, but maybe lets expand on that. Every zone's major city should have a board that has a bunch of scroll down menus of houses native to that zone. Something like Glenumbra only has the houses from Glenumbra, that way any player, new or old can, while adventuring aimlessly, just wander up to the board and be surprised when someone has their house able to be viewed.

    This of course can have its own tab in the player's menus with all the houses and you'd just pick which zone and then which house, and it'd show a list of houses like EHT's does with optional descriptions.
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  • Banetek
    Really surprised why more people are not making comments or suggestions on this thread. I thought it would be more popular than it is...
  • katanagirl1
    I like the idea, I’m all for doing stuff in game rather than having to buy crowns for things.

    However...I bet ZOS has made a bunch of money off selling houseguests, though. Also, I think back on what I had to do in order to place my companions in my house. I don’t ever want to grind FG dailies again.

    With Blackwood they have taken grind to the next level with Companions and Scaly Cloths and insanely low drop rates for everything else. I am playing much less now because I feel like all my game time is just wasted time, to be honest. I am no stranger to grinding and farming but I need to get something every now and then and it just isn’t happening anymore.
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  • MornaBaine
    I would LOVE ghost house guests. I'd love getting house guests via quests. Perhaps they could implement them during the holiday events to give us something new to strive for!
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