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Religious Event - adherent vs adherent


The religious pantheon is really slick in ESO.

Be interesting if you could choose a deity to worship and get special boons for their favor, but also banes if you do the wrong thing. Or abandon your deity for another.

Religious xp...another line skill line?

Maybe have some religious artifacts to dig up, get enough pieces to get the favor of you chosen deity? Or destroy one of the opposing god, really make them mad...but gain xp.

Get temporary Mythics - they last for a certain amount of time? LIke VolenDrungs weapon...go lay a beating to some PVE bosses?

In PvP land, yes we have faction, but religious wars might be slick (yeah tons of programming logistics). Maybe different factions with the same faith band together?

Anyhow - I see possibilities. Thoughts!

Such lovely lore!

  • Mandragora
    For a start - I would love to have atleast more visible knights/orders which are known to be dedicated to each deity in every zone, not just a temple or the boring mages/fighters guilds, then I would love to have costume for each deity/order. Then adding quests for those deities who do not have any, then I would love to have added dailies for those players who would like to rp their dedication. Each dlc zone do have already unknown groups to do daily for, but they rarely use the established lore or groups from the quests there, I do like the concept, but I don't know why they didn't go further.

    Then there could be some event for them :).
    To see knights on horses going into battle does sound good.
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  • Jim_Pipp
    TLDR: Love this idea. Nirn is full of Daedra worshipers, and we should be allowed to be among them if we choose.

    I understand the gameplay problem of a shared world for MMO's, but in ESO that means all of our characters are railroaded (forced) into a specific pathway to ending every quest.. that goes against the RPG part of an mmoRPG.

    Having an affinity to a specific aedra, or daedra, etc, could unlock interesting NPC alliances, enemies, or abilities.

    It feels like ZOS are missing a trick; if they had multiple pathways to an ending in a zone then it would encourage more playthroughs, which is good for them and us.
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  • Zama666
    @Jim_Pipp @Mandragora


    I knight would be awesome - kind of like a subclass. Would love to ride my mount into battle against another horde of mounted riders! Mounted combat would be interesting!

    But the side quests for dieties...get some kind of credit - like a Diety Dividend....buffs, or religious artifacts - decorate a home, even an new emote...maybe $ or weapons/armor....much to think about...

    I would totally worship the Daedra! They have all the power!!!!!! Ok, you know I am biased now...

    Yes, you could get pigeonholed...but you could change dieties...and likely get punished by the god, or their adherents, kind of like bounty. Maybe bonuses would get reset? Maybe you could LOSE xp?

    Anyhow, the Lore is awesome. Lots of room to grow down the road...(to NIrn)

    Cool ideas - thanks for piping in!!!!


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