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Texture Loading

Playing on Xbox One S on NA servers in Mournhold. I noticed that after you pick pocket an NPC the game unloads the finer detail texture from the npc and then will reload it a few seconds later. It's especially noticable with the hands of amalexia. You just pick pocket one and they'll suddenly become a little blurry before the finer detail reloads and happens every time.

I've also encountered an issue several times in Mournhold specifically with the mages guild and City center where when you enter through the doors, the game won't load the interior walls, doors, and some of the floor, making it incredibly hard to navigate. I actually have screenshots and video of it if needed. It persists until it randomly fixes itself. Direct always happen though. Sometimes it'll fix itself after a few seconds sometimes it'll last for a few minutes and other times it'll last until I go back outside through the doors.

I double checked and everything is patched and up-to-date.
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