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Xbox servers

Xbox na servers have kicked people starting at 11am est and people keep getting infinite load screens and connection times out messages. Thise that can get on get kicked shortly after. Can you please look into this and fix it? This is frustrating for a game we pay monthly for but servers and other issues make it near impossible to play especially after an update or maintenance.
I'm on xbox series x but it's happening to all versions of the xbox
Edited by ZOS_Bill on September 16, 2021 6:02PM
  • Kel
    Same is happening on ps4.
    Every two or three battlegrounds, getting blue screens and freezes where I have to restart client.

    Beyond lame.

    As I'm writing this, I'm currently frozen in place right in the middle of a battleground. Have honestly easily made a dozen reports to Sony this afternoon.
    Edited by Kel on September 9, 2021 11:37PM
  • Kitziboo
    I have been experiencing problems on Xbox for the last three weeks or more. It started when I bought a new Xbox One X so I thought it was an issue with me which I can’t resolve. Skills and weapons are not working at all or delayed which was very annoying during the event. I tried completing the weekly endeavour yesterday with weapon skills and was left with my character just standing holding the weapon while Mirri gets to work.

    I have occasional lag where I run and then suddenly get pulled back to an earlier location (with Mirri and pet running back to get me), screen freezes and frequently, the A button stops working but I can still run around before being thrown off the server with no internet. Checks show that there is no problem with my service provider and I have tried restarting both my WiFi and Xbox to try and clear it with no success. I hope it gets resolved soon.
  • ZOS_Bill
    There were some connection issues affecting the Xbox servers on September 9th which are now resolved. With the issue resolved, we are locking the thread.
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