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PlayStation Patch Notes v2.21/1.03 - Waking Flame & Update 31

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v2.21 (PS4)/1.03 (PS5) and the Waking Flame DLC Game Pack! Waking Flame adds two new 4-player dungeons to the game: Red Petal Bastion and The Dread Cellar. As expected, we’ve added several new collectibles, item sets, achievements, and titles for you to acquire.

In the base game, we’ve expanded the number of sets you can use in no-proc Cyrodiil campaigns, introduced 3 new item sets to Rewards for the Worthy, added a Reply option to received mail, and of course have a plethora of bug & crash fixes for the entire game. For a high level summary of the changes affecting combat, please visit this forum post.

We hope you enjoy this latest update!

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Waking Flame DLC
      • Two New Dungeons
      • New Item Sets
      • New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes
      • New Furnishings
      • New Achievements and Titles
    • Base Game
      • PvP Campaign Changes
      • Rewards for the Worthy
      • Dynamic Resolution Scaling
      • New HDR Mode
      • Interaction Priority Changes
      • Mail Reply
      • New Collectibles
      • New Furnishings
      • Tutorial Portal Videos
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
      • Blackwood
      • Clockwork City
      • Dragonhold
      • Greymoor
      • Imperial City
      • Morrowind
      • Murkmire
      • Orsinium
      • Summerset
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat & Abilities
      • Champion System
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
      • Alliance War & PvP
      • Art & Animation
      • Crafting & Economy
      • Crown Store & Crown Crates
      • Dungeons & Group Content
      • Events & Celebrations
      • Exploration & Itemization
      • Housing
      • Miscellaneous
      • Quests & Zones
      • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Two New Dungeons
    • Red Petal Bastion: For centuries, the honorable Knights of the Silver Rose prosecuted crusades against the servants of Oblivion. Now, they wield their Daedric plunder almost indiscriminately. Invade Red Petal Bastion and uncover the truth behind the once noble order's fall.
    • The Dread Cellar: The Empire kept its darkest secrets hidden in the depths of Black Marsh, far from prying eyes—the Dread Cellar, a torture chamber meant to hold those the Empire wanted to vanish. Explore this forgotten abattoir and learn its secrets, old and new.
    • Red Petal Bastion and The Dread Cellar are 4-player Dungeons which can be reached via Glenumbra and Blackwood respectively.
      • Red Petal Bastion’s entrance is in northeastern Glenumbra. The entrance is east of the Burial Mounds.
      • The Dread Cellar’s entrance is located in northern Blackwood, northwest of Wilke.
    • Both Dungeons include a Normal version in addition to a challenging Veteran version. Each dungeon also features challenging Hard Modes for each of their three boss encounters.
    • There are unique item sets, including two new Undaunted Monster Mask sets, only available within the Dungeons.
    • Unique Achievement awards are available for completing the Dungeons, including:
      • Unique Body and Face Markings
      • A unique Memento
      • Several Titles
      • Unique housing items

    New Item Sets
    Waking Flame adds a number of new item sets for you to acquire via the new dungeons, which are outlined below.
    • Dread Cellar
      • Scorion’s Feast – Light
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 3 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – When you deal damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack, you gain an Imbued Aura for 10 seconds, granting you and up to 3 other group members 307 Magicka and Stamina Recovery. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds. If you deal damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack with an Imbued Aura active, consume it and gain an Overflow Aura for 10 seconds, granting you and up to 3 other group members 307 Weapon and Spell Damage.
      • Rush of Agony – Medium
        • 2 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
        • 5 – When you deal direct damage with a Blink, Charge, Leap, Teleport, or Pull ability, pull enemies within 10 meters to you. After 2 seconds, deal Physical Damage to all enemies within 7 meters. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds and scales off the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage. The pull will not apply Crowd Control Immunity to a target.
        Developer Comment:
        We expect to see a lot of power from this set with its ability to pull enemies without applying crowd control. In early internal playtesting, we experimented both with and without CC immunity application, and with it, the pull from this set felt challenging to engage with as your goal was to keep everyone clumped up for a prolonged period of time for the boom… but you couldn’t do it. With no CC immunity application, we hope there is both enough time to get out before you get hit with a big stun like Dawnbreaker of Smiting and the explosion from the set, and enough room to try and deny your opponent to do that. Note that this set’s pull will still respect CC immunity, and not pull targets who are immune to CC.
      • Crimson Oath’s Rive – Heavy
        • 2 – Adds 1487 Armor
        • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
        • 4 – Adds 1487 Armor
        • 5 – When you use an ability that applies a Major or Minor buff to yourself or an ally, send out a wave of energy that reduces the Armor of nearby enemies within 12 meters by 3541 for 15 seconds. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds and will only occur if an enemy is within range.
        Developer Comment:
        We hope this set will become a COR group set. See what we did there?
      • Magma Incarnate – Monster Mask
        • 1 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
        • 1 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
        • 2 – When you heal yourself or a group member with a single target heal ability, grant the lowest Health group member within 28 meters Minor Courage and Minor Resolve, increasing their Weapon and Spell Damage by 215 and Armor by 2974 for 10 seconds. Daedric Energy will then bounce to a nearby group member, up to 3 times, applying Minor Courage and Minor Resolve for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.
        Developer Comment:
        The Daedric Energy will always prioritize lower Health group members that have not already been hit by Magma Incarnate.
    • Red Petal Bastion
      • Thunder Caller – Light
        • 2 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – Dealing damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack calls a bolt of lightning at your target, dealing Shock Damage and leaving a 4 meter lightning crater at their location for 6 seconds, dealing Shock Damage per second to enemies touching the crater. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds and scales off of the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage.
      • Grisly Gourmet – Medium
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
        • 5 – Adds 526 Maximum Stamina
        • 5 – Dealing Light Attack damage grants you a stack of Baker’s Delight for 5 seconds. When you gain 3 stacks, you create a Sweetroll next to your target for 5 seconds. If you or an ally touches the Sweetroll, both you and your ally gain one of the following effects:
          • Restore 1593 Health, Magicka, and Stamina
          • Gain Empower for 10 seconds
          • Gain Major Force for 10 seconds
        • This effect can occur once every 2 seconds.
      • Silver Rose Vigil – Heavy
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
        • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 5 – Blocking an attack grants you a stack of Realmshaper for 15 seconds, gaining up to 1 stack every 0.5 seconds. When you reach 3 stacks, you consume them and launch necrotic energy at your attacker, dealing Magic Damage and applying Major Maim for 12 seconds, reducing their damage done by 10%. Once you fire the necrotic energy, you cannot gain additional stacks of Realmshaper for 12 seconds. Damage scales off of max Health.
      • Prior Thierric – Monster Mask
        • 1 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 2 – Dealing direct damage with an Area of Effect ability creates a 6 meter shadowy whirlwind below your enemy for 7 seconds. Enemies within the whirlwind take Physical Damage each second and increase their damage taken from your area of effect abilities by 5%. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.

    New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes
    • Outfit Styles 
      • The "Magma Incarnate" helm and shoulders can rarely be obtained by completing the dungeon Veteran Dread Cellar. 
      • The "Prior Thierric" helm and shoulders can rarely be obtained by completing the dungeon Veteran Red Petal Bastion. 
    • Mementos 
      • The "Agonymium Stone" can be obtained by earning the "The Dread Cellar Conqueror" achievement. 
    • Markings 
      • The "Shattered Chivalry Face Tattoo" can be obtained by earning the "Arcane Analyst" achievement. 
      • The "Shattered Chivalry Body Tattoo" can be obtained by earning the "Red Petal Bastion Conqueror" achievement. 
    • Pets 
      • The "Scorion Pyreling" pet can be obtained by earning the "Waking Flame Explorer" achievement. 
    • Dyes
      • The "Moonshadow Orchid" dye can be obtained by earning the "Waking Flame Delver" achievement. 

    New Furnishings  
    New Bust and Trophy furnishings have been added to commemorate victory in Red Petal Bastion and the Dread Cellar. In addition, completing these dungeons on any difficulty unlocks purchase of two new achievement furnishings from Undaunted Quartermasters – the Silver Rose Banner and Agonymium Stone, Inert.

    New Achievements and Titles  
    Waking Flame introduces 47 new achievements, 4 new titles, 6 new collectibles, and 1 new dye. 
    • The "of the Silver Rose" title can be obtained by earning the "Bastion Breaker" achievement. 
    • The "Seeker of Artifacts" title can be obtained by earning the "Prior Offenses" achievement. 
    • The "The Dreaded" title can be obtained by earning the "Battlespire's Best" achievement. 
    • The "Incarnate" title can be obtained by earning the "Unshaken" achievement. 
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    PvP Campaign Changes
    For Update 31, the existing No-CP Cyrodiil and Imperial City campaigns will now also prohibit proc sets from firing. We have expanded the number of sets from the original grouping that worked during the initial test several months ago.  
    • As a refresher, the following sets were not affected by this ruleset when it was originally implemented back in February:
      • Amber Plasm
      • Armor of the Trainee
      • Beekeeper’s Gear
      • Crafty Alfiq
      • Draugr Hulk
      • Endurance
      • Fortified Brass
      • Grace of the Ancients
      • Hunding’s Rage
      • Impregnable Armor
      • Law of Julianos
      • Leviathan
      • Mother’s Sorrow
      • Plague Doctor
      • Shacklebreaker
      • Spinner’s Garments
      • Spriggan’s Thorns
      • Willpower Agility
    • The following sets will also now function with these campaign rules:
      • Aetherial Ascension
      • Akaviri Dragonguard
      • Agility
      • Amber Plasm
      • Archer's Mind
      • Armor of the Seducer
      • Armor of the Trainee
      • Assassin's Guile
      • Bahraha's Curse (aka Bahara) (4-pieces)
      • Bastion of the Heartland
      • Battlefield Acrobat
      • Beekeeper’s Gear
      • Black Rose
      • Blessing of the Potentates
      • Blooddrinker
      • Buffer of the Swift
      • Caustic Arrow (Master)
      • Crafty Alfiq
      • Crushing Wall (Maelstrom)
      • Dagon's Dominion
      • Darkstride
      • Deadly Strike
      • Draugr Hulk
      • Duneripper's Scales
      • Eagle Eye
      • Elf Bane
      • Endurance
      • Eyes of Mara
      • Flanking Strategist
      • Fortified Brass
      • Frostbite
      • Grace of the Ancients
      • Hawk's Eve
      • Hunding’s Rage
      • Impregnable Armor
      • Innate Axiom
      • Jorvuld's Guidance
      • Kvatch Gladiator
      • Law of Julianos
      • Leki's Focus
      • Leviathan
      • Light Speaker
      • Mark of the Pariah
      • Marksman's Crest
      • Mother’s Sorrow
      • Netch's Touch
      • Night Mother's Embrace
      • Night Terror (3-piece)
      • Orgnum's Scales
      • Perfected Caustic Arrow
      • Perfected Crushing Wall
      • Permafrost
      • Plague Doctor
      • Ranger's Gait
      • Red Eagle's Fury
      • Relics of the Physician, Ansur
      • Robes of Alteration Mastery
      • Robes of Destruction Mastery
      • Salvation
      • Sergeant's Mail
      • Shacklebreaker
      • Shapeshifter's Chain
      • Shield Breaker
      • Shield of the Valiant (5-piece)
      • Silks of the Sun
      • Spider Cultist Cowl
      • Spinner’s Garments
      • Spriggan’s Thorns
      • Strength of the Automaton
      • Swamp Raider
      • Sword Dancer
      • Sword-Singer
      • Syvarra's Scales (4-pieces)
      • Torug's Pact
      • Trial by Fire
      • Twilight's Embrace
      • Vesture of Darloc Brae (4-piece)
      • War Maiden
      • Way of Air (4-piece)
      • Way of the Arena
      • Willow's Path
      • Willpower
      • Witch-Knight's Defiance
      • Wrath of the Imperium
      • Ysgramor's Birthright
    • Additionally, Volendrung has been disabled in the No-CP, No-Proc Campaign.

    Rewards for the Worthy
    We’ve added three new item sets to be acquired through Rewards for the Worthy.
    • Dark Convergence – Light
      • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
      • 3 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
      • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 5 – Casting abilities that leave an effect on the ground will create an area that applies a 60% snare and pulls enemies every 2 seconds after a 0.5 second delay, and stun them for 1 seconds. After 4 seconds, the area deals Magic Damage to all enemies in the area, and additional Magic Damage to enemies within 3 meters of the center, increasing the damage by 10% for each target. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds and scales off the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage.
      Developer Comment:
      This set was designed with one goal in mind – kill large groups. Pesky zerg sitting on your keep or resource flag? Send them to the void by pairing this set with some hard CC and immobilizes.
    • Plaguebreak – Medium
      • 2 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
      • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 5 – Dealing direct damage to an enemy turns them into a Plague Carrier for 10 seconds, dealing Disease Damage over the duration. If the plague is removed early, it explodes, infecting enemies within 8 meters of the carrier dealing Disease Damage. The explosion deals an additional 10% per enemy hit. This effect can occur once every 100ms and scales off of the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage. This set only applies itself to any target that isn’t already under the effects of the set
      Developer Comment:
      Similar to Dark Convergence, we targeted large groups again with this set, focusing on their ability to have numerous purges running, making locking them down and bleeding them out incredibly difficult to do. Now, larger groups must purge more carefully, running the risk of setting off ticking time bombs and having to heal up the aftermath instead of repeatedly casting it with reckless abandon.
    • Hrothgar’s Chill - Heavy
      • 2 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
      • 3 – Adds 1487 Armor
      • 4 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
      • 5 – Stunning or Immobilizing your enemy causes them to burst with frost magic, applying the Chilled status effect and dealing 26% of their total Physical and Spell Resistance as Frost Damage to themselves and enemies within 8 meters of them. This effect can occur once every 7 seconds.

    Dynamic Resolution Scaling
    Dynamic Resolution Scaling has been added to the PlayStation 5 to improve the experience of using Performance mode. When Performance mode is enabled in the settings, the game will be able to hit resolutions of 4k - even in Performance mode - in situations where it would still allow you to maintain 60 FPS. The game will be able to maintain that 60 FPS by automatically lowering the resolution during heavier effect usage or when things get more graphically intense.

    New HDR Mode
    Added a new and improved HDR mode. The new ‘Default’ setting is closer to the saturation of non-HDR but with increased color depth, if your hardware is capable of it. If you prefer the original HDR setting, it can be found in the Video Options panel and is now named under the Vibrant HDR option.

    Interaction Priority Changes 
    We've added new rules for determining which things you'll interact with when there's a potential conflict. Generally speaking, interactable objects that are valuable (such as resource nodes and lootable corpses) will have priority over things that are mobile or player-made (such as Companions and Mementos). You should also have less of a problem attempting to interact with doors, Dye Stations, and other permanently available interactable objects, even when they're surrounded by Jubilee Cakes or Sorcerer pets. 

    Mail Reply
    We’ve added a Reply option to received mail, which will open a new mail with the subject line and player name pre-populated.

    New Collectibles
    Update 31 brings a few new collectibles and items for you to acquire through various means:
    • Costumes 
      • Urgarlag will now offer Moongrave Fane, Lair of Maarselok, and Icereach monster masks and shoulders. 
    • Emotes 
      • The "Wargame Trebuchet" can be obtained by earning the "Siege Specialist" achievement. 
    • Adornments 
      • The "Grave Elegance Mask" can be obtained by earning the "Lyranth's Liaison" achievement. 

    New Furnishings
    Update 31 introduces several new furnishings and updates to existing furnishings:
    • Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, has 7 new furnishing plans available for purchase:
      • Diagram: Deadlands Torture Rack
      • Pattern: Leyawiin Tapestry, Hunting Party
      • Blueprint: Leyawiin Divider, Carved Starfish
      • Praxis: Leyawiin Hearth, Carved Wood
      • Design: Leyawiin Bowl, Squid Special
      • Formula: Blackwood Cottage Painting, Unframed
      • Sketch: Leyawiin Lightpost, Ornate
    • As usual, Rolis has also handed the prior set of furnishing plans over to his assistant, Faustina Curio. These can now be purchased at the reduced price of 100 writ vouchers:
      • Diagram: Dwarven Minecart, Ornate
      • Pattern: Solitude Yarn Rack, Colorful
      • Blueprint: Solitude Well, Noble
      • Praxis: Solitude Hearth, Rounded Tall
      • Formula: Vampiric Cauldron, Distilled Coagulant
      • Design: Provisioning Station, Solitude Grill
      • Sketch: Dwarven Crystal Sconce, Mirror
    • Faustina has bundled up the Western Skyrim plans into a new Furnishing Folio, which can be purchased for 700 writ vouchers and contains the following plans:
      • Diagram: Vampiric Chandelier, Azure Wrought-Iron
      • Pattern: Solitude Loom, Warp-Weighted
      • Blueprint: Solitude Game, Blood-on-the-Snow
      • Praxis: Ancient Nord Monolith, Head
      • Formula: Winter Cardinal Painting, In Progress
      • Design: Solitude Smoking Rack, Fish
      • Sketch: Blackreach Geode, Iridescent
    • A new set of 21 Leyawiin Structural Furnishing Recipes are now available from Leyawiin Reward Coffers, which can be obtained by completing World Boss or Delve Boss daily quests in Blackwood. These include a variety of walls and platforms, as well as several doors, a wooden stairway, and other structural elements!
      • Please note this requires the Blackwood Chapter to access.

    Tutorial Portal Videos
    Now, when you complete the tutorial and enter a portal to one of the possible starting locations, you'll be treated to a short introductory cinematic. These cutscenes tease the main quest of the area you're going to, and feature voice-overs from characters integral to the zone and its main questline. We hope they get you excited and ready to go on an adventure!
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Companion idle animations now transition more smoothly.
    • Bastian will now verbally respond less often to players looting high quality items.
    • Companions no longer grieve for fallen groupmates.
    • Fixed various minor text issues and discrepancies in Companion dialogue.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause display issues with a Companion’s eyes while crouched and running. 
    • Reduced the frequency of Companion responsiveness to specific player behaviors, including crafting cheese-based dishes and interacting with bookshelves.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a Companion to provide incorrect dialogue in Gloomreach.
    • Fixed an issue where your Companion would try to attack certain monsters before the Companion was fully present.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause bows equipped by Companions to unexpectedly rotate.
    • Mirri will now correctly respond to you at the intended frequency while crafting alcoholic beverages.
    • Mirri no longer gains rapport when looting Psijic Portals, as she’s not fascinated with them the way Bastian is.
    • Mirri will now properly face your character prior to leaving in disgust when your rapport is low enough.
    • Improved and adjusted various Companion pathing behavior.
    • The quickened item trait for Companions will no longer affect core mechanics such as Roll Dodge, Break Free and Bash, and now only apply to abilities as intended.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Companion dialogue to not update correctly after accepting a Companion’s personal quest.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could result in a Companion not being visible to you but still be interactable.
    • Companions will now occasionally respond to additional situations such as being healed and witnessing their player gain a Champion Point.
    • You can no longer talk to Companions while they are mounted and have a quest for you.
    • Companion guild skill lines will now correctly max out at 10 rather than displaying up to 11.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented Companion daggers from dropping off monsters as expected.
    • Fixed an issue where Companions using ranged weapons and abilities could fail to reposition as expected when out of line of sight.
    • The group display will now switch to a large group upon reaching more than 4 total members of both players and Companions.
    • Fixed an issue where Companions would fire invisible arrows.
    • Removed Mirri's response to nearby boatswains.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause unintended visuals to occur with Companions when previewing certain cosmetics in the Crown Store.

    Rockgrove Trial
    • General
      • Basks-In-Snakes will now correctly fire abilities as intended.
      • Rockgrove Trial will now drop 3 Perfected set items, rather than 2, when completed in Hard Mode. 
      • Geysers inside Rockgrove will once again deal damage to players wading into the scalding waters.
    • Flame-Herald Bahsei
      • Bahsei will now play appropriate interrupt animations when she is interrupted by Crushing Shock or Venom Arrow.
    • Oaxiltso
      • Blistering Smash will no longer deal damage if Oaxiltso is defeated while casting it.

    • Dovah-Flies will no longer appear in Blackwood. Shoo! 
    • Fixed an issue where certain Fiendroths in Oblivion Portals were dropping too much bait. 
    • Female Marshrot Firemages will no longer drop loot as if they were a Delve boss. 
    • Fixed the sets for several Blackwood quest reward armor items to match their armor class. 
    • Fixed an issue which caused Hackwings in Vulnak Ruins to drop extra loot. 
    • Reward potions from the quest "Things lost, Things Found" will now scale properly with your level.
    • Fixed an issue where Markarth Structural Furnishing Recipes were dropping from the Leyawiin Reward Coffer.
    • Fixed an issue where an imaginary motif book for the Deadlands Gladiator Outfit Style made its way to the Lore Library.

    • Corrected a minor typo in the "Multiplanar Devastator" achievement name. 

    • Disabled the Kotu Gava Broodmother spawning near the Vunalk Wayshrine.
    • Updated the Zone Guide's notable achievement section to include more entries to be in line with other zones. They now include:
      • Oblivion Obliterater
      • Silent Halls Group Event
      • Zenithar's Abbey Group Event

    • Pyre of Ambition: Fixed an issue where Mehrunes Dagon's face did not animate while speaking.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Of Knives and Long Shadows: Added boss immunities to Lilatha's Shadow and Bonafryd.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • A Rogue and His Rice: Fixed an issue where one of the rice sacks for this quest wasn't properly instanced for everyone, leading to an unpleasant rice looting experience.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed a typo in the second lore entry for the "Chain of the Werewolf" Antiquity. 
    • Updated the Tide-Glass Beads Antiquity lead to also have a chance to drop from any alchemy harvesting node in Shadowfen. 

    • You no longer must remain in solitude while in Solitude (you can now get married at the Shrine of Mara there).
    • Fixed Tordrir in Solitude so if he is murdered, he can be looted properly.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • The Black Rose Equipment Box can now be opened by characters of any level, instead of only level 50 characters. Equipment from this box will grant gear scaled to your level. 
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Broken Bonds: Some doors on Firemoth Island now tell you why you can't open them when you try.
    • Like Blood from a Stone: Fixed an issue where Foreman Nox couldn't be pickpocketed.
    • Oxen Free: Fixed an issue where you could be prevented from looting caldera mushrooms.
    • Tribal Troubles: Fixed some Dwarven supply crates so they now properly have collision.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Blackrose Prison Arena
    • Mess Hall of Misery
      • Renamed the secondary damage component of Bat Swarm to Harrying Bat to better differentiate the two sources.

    • Fixed an issue which could result in extra furnishing recipe drops in Murkmire. 
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Renamed Orsinium Treasure Maps to Wrothgar Treasure Maps so they properly reflect the zone they're related to. 
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Felarian now has a map pin on the very first step after accepting the Jewelry Crafting Certification quest.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Drastically improved the back-end scripting of taunt to be more responsive and follow its intended rules better. This should fix multiple issues where taunts would sometimes lose target context, exhibit issues when cast from a range, and had race conditions where some parts of the hidden behaviors (such as taunt immunity) would still apply to a target even if you failed to taunt them.
    • Updated Break Free to follow a more consistent cost rule when compared to other abilities. This will reduce situations where it could desync your Stamina bar when using, as well as improving the response time in validating if you have enough resources to cast it.
      • Many bonuses that reduce its cost have also been changed to be handled naturally by the server, rather than as an ability, to speed up the validation in cases where you are using many of them.
    • Battle Spirit:
      • Increased the damage taken reduction from the Battle Spirit passive to 50%, up from 44%.
      • Increased the healing received penalty to 55%, up from 50%.
      • We will no longer detail the “effective strength” of these changes to prevent potential confusion.
      Developer Comment:
      After the recent adjustments to base character stats, Champion Points, and item set scaling, we've seen a significant shift in the meta in ways that we wanted, in many cases. In other areas, primarily burst damage and overall Time To Kill, we've seen a pretty radical shift to something that's dangerously low. In efforts to expand the window of TTK, we're upping the effect to make up for the added stats all characters have, especially in no-CP environments. We’ve also reduced the healing received in these environments in effort to counteract fears that the changes to damage reduction will cause a heavy resurgence of stalemating encounters. By reducing healing taken and increasing base effective health by increasing damage reduction, we hope to see less situations of insane burst tearing players apart, but also similar or less situations where healing supplements your ability to sustain constant pressure.
    • The following passives and player abilities now grant hybrid stats to help improve their viability and accessibility to off-meta builds, because we love them too:
      • Agility: Now grants equal Weapon and Spell Damage.
      • Balanced Warrior:
        • Now grants 660/1320 Armor, rather than 1320/2640 Spell Resistance.
        • Now grants equal Weapon and Spell Damage values.
      • Brutal Carange’s bonus: Now grants equal Weapon and Spell Damage values.
      • Concentration: Now grants equal Offensive Penetration.
      • Dexterity: Now increases Critical Damage and Healing Done per piece worn, up to 2% at the final rank, rather than Weapon Critical (as Prodigy now grants Weapon Critical as well)
      • Flawless Dawnbreaker’s bonus: Now grants equal Weapon and Spell Damage values.
      • Prodigy: Now grants equal Critical Chance.
      • Savage Strength: Now grants equal Weapon and Spell Damage values.
      • Scaled Armor: Now grants 825/1650 Armor rather than 1320/3300 Spell Resistance.
      • Slayer: Now grants equal Weapon and Spell Damage values.
    • Fixed multiple issues with Ability Bar Timers displaying incorrect durations.
    • Fixed numerous issues with synergies failing to be considered ability casts.
      • Note that requirements that check for abilities with a cost will still fail with synergies.
    • Fixed an issue where abilities using the new Area of Effect ability scripting from Update 30, such as Dragonknight Standard or Negate Magic, could hit innocent targets unintentionally.
    • Adjusted many player abilities to no longer attempt to remove Stealth or Invisibility when they should not. This is also expanded to any Damage over Time effect, rather than only single target Damage over Time effects, as we want the removal and denial of Stealth and Invisibility to be more active rather than passive.
      • This means that the only player abilities that should remove stealth are Area of Effect Direct Damage, Stuns, Fears, or Immobilizes, as well as Reveals. Attacks made with Detection potions active may still damage the target but will not strip their Stealth or Invisibility.
      • Also fixed many issues where attacks that were checking in areas regularly to hit singular targets could target Stealthed or Invisible targets, such as Force Pulse or Shrouded Dagger’s bouncing attacks. Any attack that checks in an area to attack singular targets will no longer attempt to even apply to targets under these effects.
      Developer Comment:
      The main goals with these adjustments were to improve the consistency and reliability of things like Shadow Cloak, while also stamping out more deliberate rules on what should counter the effects. Currently, these effects have a lot of frustrating counters, mainly ones that feel like the attacker is getting for free on attacks they’d be using naturally regardless (such as pulsing AoE DoTs) making it relatively easy to deny Stealth and Invisibility when you know how. While we did spend a lot of time helping these effects feel more reliable, we also buffed many of the more deliberate sources of Stealth and Invisibility denial to make counteracting them feel better in general and to better reward going out of your way to utilize them.
    • Fixed an issue where the guaranteed Critical Chance and Damage for successful sneak attacks could, in some cases, apply to multiple attacks at once.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple heals based on Damage over Time were not considered healing over time, such as Blood Craze or Structured Entropy.
    • Fixed an issue where adjusting your camera options could cause your character to always rotate and face the same direction in some situations.

    • Earthen Heart
      • Corrosive Armor: This Ultimate now grants Offensive Penetration rather than only Physical Penetration.
      • Magma Armor
        • Corrosive Armor (morph): Fixed an issue where the penetration check on direct damage for this morph was not consistent with other sources.
      • Molten Weapons: Fixed an issue where you could not cast this ability or its morphs on nearby neutral enemies.

    • Grave Lord
      • Boneyard
        • Unnerving Boneyard (morph): Fixed an issue where this morphs’ damage was not considered an Area of Effect attack.
      • Flame Skull: The bonus damage from this ability and morphs’ third cast has now been built into their damage coefficients, rather than as a bonus modifier effect. This will clean up some calculation errors that result in less damage than intended when stacking multiple bonuses.

    • Shadow
      • Shadow Cloak: Fixed an issue where this ability and morphs’ protections could work even if the attacker had a detection potion active.

    • Storm Calling
      • Bolt Escape
        • Ball of Lightning (morph): The ball of lightning summoned from this ability now only intercepts projectiles from the caster of the ability, rather than any ally in the ball’s vicinity. The ball now only absorbs up to 1 projectile per second, down from 100.
          Developer Comment:
          This ability is currently enabling far too much protection against ranged attackers, not only for the caster but their allies as well, meaning skilled sorcerers can deny any ranged threats when properly utilizing this skill for them and their group.
      • Overload: Light Attacks from this Ultimate and morphs now break Stealth when cast. There is nothing sneaky about lobbing giant bolts of lightning at your foes.

    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Backlash:
        • This ability and its morphs now retain 50% of the damage you dealt to the target, up from 20%, to help be more reliable in Player versus Player encounters.
        • The final explosion now scales off your Spell or Weapon Damage depending on the morph, rather than Magicka or Stamina. The final explosion now also scales with both positive and negative bonuses, rather than only negative ones. Haha Backlash go boom.
      • Radiant Destruction: Fixed an issue where both morphs of this ability had scaling coefficients with less significant figures than intended, resulting in some very minor lost damage.
        • Radiant Oppression (morph): This morph no longer increases the damage done of the ability based on your current Magicka, but instead increases the damage scaling of the execute multiplier to 500%. This should retain roughly the overall maximum power of the morph, but with far less micromanagement.

    • Green Balance
      • Accelerated Growth: This passive now grants Major Mending for 2/4 seconds on proc, up from 1.5/3 seconds.
    • Winter’s Embrace
      • Frozen Gate:
        • This ability and its morphs’ traps now last 15 seconds, rather than 30 seconds.
        • Fixed an issue where in some cases, these abilities could remove themselves before their timer ran out.

    • Destruction Staff
      • Ancient Knowledge:
        • This passive now better discerns what is an Area of Effect attack and what isn’t with its bonus damage based on your staff type.
        • Increased the bonuses of both the Inferno and Lightning Staff types to 5/10%, up from 4/8% to help better match the power of Twin Blade and Blunt or Heavy Weapons grant.
      • Destructive Touch:
        • This ability and its morphs now guarantee their respective element type’s status effect on hit.
        • Increased the cost to 2970, up from 2700 to incorporate the added auxiliary effect.
        • Increased the range to 15 meters from 14 meters for better consistency since Destructive Clench was already 15 meters.
        • The Frost Touch and Reach versions of this ability now deal 80% more damage on its initial hit to make them equal to other ranged spammable damage attacks to give love to those Frost DPS out there.
          • Destructive Clench (morph): The Frost version of this ability still remains tank-focused rather than DPS-focused, and as such has received a cost reduction to 1485, down from 2700. It also applies Major Maim for 5 seconds at rank IV.
        Developer Comment:
        With the introduction of the Frostbite set in Update 30, we saw a lot of discussion on the viability of Frost damage sets and how their main drawback - regardless of their power - was there was no Frost damaging ability that could be used as a spammable attack. Rather than bloating those sets further, we've decided to let Frost Touch and its morphs stand out; Frost Touch and Reach now deal ranged spammable damage on initial hit. Additionally, Frost Clench has been missing the mark for being a viable taunt compared to Puncture or Inner Fire, so we've decided to amp it up by introducing a source of on-demand Major Maim, while also reducing the cost. The changes to the base ability also help to gain a form of on demand Minor Brittle, helping both DPS and tanks out regardless of the morph.
      • Elemental Force: This passive now properly states it affects all Status Effect chances, rather than only Elemental Status Effects.
      • Force Shock: This ability and its morphs can now once again be reflected. Once upon a time, a special rule was made for these abilities to not be, as it interacted poorly with charged based reflect skills such as ye old Reflective Scales, which have been clipped. Therefore, this behavior is irrelevant and inconsistent.
      • Wall of Elements: Fixed an issue where Wall of Fire and morphs’ bonus damage against Burning targets didn’t work past 9 seconds, meaning the final 5 seconds of Blockade of Fire could not benefit from it.
      • Weakness to Elements
        • Elemental Susceptibility (morph): This morph now persists indefinitely, until the target leaves combat or dies, rather than lasting 20 seconds and refreshing whenever they take damage from you.
    • Dual Wield
      • Flurry
        • Bloodthirst (morph): This morph now heals for up to 33% of the damage done per hit, rather than up to 63% of the final hit’s damage done. This will result in slightly more healing effectiveness and more responsive healing as well.
    • Restoration Staff
      • Absorb:
        • This passive now procs on any successful block, rather than only against spells, which was already a half truth as it procced on plenty of non-spells as well.
        • Increased the restore to 300/600 Magicka on proc, up from 288/540.
        • This passive now has a 250ms internal cooldown.
      • Essence Drain:
        • Increased the duration of Major Mending from this passive to 2/4 seconds, up from 1.5/3 seconds.
        • This passive now heals a friendly target within 12 meters of the enemy you Heavy Attacked, up from 6 meters.
        • Increased the healing done to 25/50% of the damage done, up from 15/30%.
        • Fixed an issue where the passive could Critically Strike, despite the initial hit already being able to do that. No double crits allowed at the dinner table.
      • Grand Healing
        • Healing Springs (morph): Removed the visual effects for the Magicka restore on this ability to help reduce visual clutter.
      • Panacea
        • Life Giver (morph):
          • Fixed an issue where there was a short window of time where all spells could cost nothing after activating this ability.
          • Fixed an issue where this morph could fail to be recognized as a Restoration Staff ability in some rare cases.
    • Two Handed
      • Berserker Strike
        • Onslaught (morph): Fixed an issue where the penetration check on direct damage for this morph was not consistent with other sources.
      • Cleave:
        • This ability and the Carve morph now apply a damage shield on you when cast equal to the scaling coefficients of the initial hit (note it does not grant a shield based on damage done).
        • Increased the cost of all versions to 3510, up from 3240.
        • Adjusted the area of all versions to hit in a 300-degree arc with a 6 meter radius, rather than a 140 degree arc with a 7 meter radius, to better line up with the attacks’ visual appearances and help make it more clear which attacks should land and which should not.
          • Brawler (morph): Increased the base size of this morph’s damage shield by approximately 7% to ensure it matches the others.
          • Carve: The bleed from this morph can now stack up to 3 times. Blood for the blood god.
        Developer Comment:
        Brawler is currently the clear winner in terms of morph options, as it scales far more effectively in power per target. This, paired with the fact that melee builds require staying power, make the defensive option the clear winner but makes Carve feel weak no matter how high the damage could be adjusted. By adding a base line shield to these abilities, we hope to see more active choice between the morphs. Will you let the blood flow for you and your enemy or staunchly stand in their faces?

    • Light Armor
      • Annulment
        • Harness Magicka (morph): Fixed an issue where you could get more than 3 Magicka restores from this ability per cast.

    • Soul Magic
      • Soul Lock:
        • This passive now procs on any killing blow, rather than only killing blows with a weapon attack.
        • Removed the visual effects from the proc.
      • Soul Summons: This passive now properly follows its listed cooldown, rather than having an hour cooldown regardless of rank.
      • Soulstrike: Fixed an issue where this Ultimate and morphs’ reveal was not a negative effect, and therefore could not be purged or was visible on your buff tracker.
    • Vampire
      • Vampiric Drain: This ability and its morphs now heal for 25% of your Missing Health per tick, up from 23%. The morphs also no longer rank up in 1.1% per damage done per rank and now rank up in morphed effects.
        • Exhilaration Drain (morph): This morph now ranks up 1 additional Ultimate per rank which will be 5 at rank IV, up from 4.
        • Drain Vigor (morph): This morph now gains 1% missing Stamina per rank which ends at 10% at rank IV, up from 5%.

    • Fighters Guild
      • Expert Hunter:
        • This ability and the Camouflaged Hunter morph now reveal hidden enemies within 8 meters of you, up from 6 meters.
        • All versions of this ability now check for hidden enemies every 500ms, instead of once every second, for more responsive catching of those slippery targets.
        • All versions of this ability now prevent stealth and invisibility for 4 seconds, up from 3 seconds.
        • The hidden passive from this ability and its morphs, Sense Evil, now only highlight player Werewolves and Vampires rather than any Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf creature. This change was done to better represent the targets your Skilled Tracker bonus works against.
          • Evil Hunter (morph): This morph now also increases the radius of the reveal to 12 meters.
      • Skilled Tracker: This passive now increases your damage with Fighters Guild abilities by 10% and an additional 10% against player Werewolves and Vampires, rather than increasing your damage done with Fighters Guild abilities by 20% against any Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf.
        Developer Comment:
        This passive is currently attempting to validate a very long list of specific target checks on the backend to apply its damage bonus. Rather than continuing this, it will now only check 3 things (instead of 23!) each time you deal damage, while retaining its flavor in PvP environments.
      • Trap Beast: This ability and its morph’s traps now last for 15 seconds after their delay, rather than 1 minute.
    • Mages Guild
      • Fire Rune: This ability and its morph’s traps now last for 15 seconds after their delay, rather than 30 seconds.
      • Magelight:
        • This ability and the Inner Light morph now reveal hidden enemies within 8 meters of you, up from 6 meters.
        • All versions of this ability now check for hidden enemies every 500ms, instead of every second, for more responsive catching of those slippery targets.
        • All versions of this ability now prevent stealth and invisibility for 4 seconds, up from 3 seconds.
    • Psijic Order
      • Deliberation: This passive no longer grants Major Protection, and instead applies a unique 30% unique damage mitigation to get this passive’s power back to where it was meant to be.
      • Imbue Weapon
        • Crushing Weapon (morph): This morph now applies Major Breach to the target hit for 6 seconds, rather than healing for 25% of the damage caused, to help ensure the thing being crushed wasn’t your dreams.
    • Undaunted
      • Inner Fire:
        • This ability and morphs will now only apply their unique visuals if the synergy successfully applied to the target.
        • Fixed an issue where Inner Fire and Rage were placing an extra negative effect on targets.
          • Inner Beast (morph):
            • Increased this morph’s damage taken bonus on the target to 7% at base, up from 2%, to better enable the very few bruiser-tanks out there that were utilizing this skill.
            • This ability’s damage taken bonus now only works against non-player characters.

    Alliance War
    • Assault
      • Magicka Detonation:
        • Reduced the base damage of this ability and its morphs by approximately 60%, but increased the scaling per target to 100%, up from 25%. The abilities will now deal less damage than a normal Area of Effect spammable until it hits 3 or more targets.
        • Updated the tooltip to state the scaling works on the initial target as well. This should reduce the potency of the skill against smaller groups, while still retaining its high damage against large ones.
    • Support
      • Revealing Flare:
        • This ability and its morphs now prevent stealth and invisibility for 4 seconds, up from 3 seconds.
        • This ability and its morphs now passively grant Major Protection while slotted to ensure they do not feel lackluster to slot when not actively trying to deny stealth or invisibility, similarly to Magelight or Expert Hunter granting Major buffs.

    • Added three new sub constellations to this tree focusing on more core combat gameplay interaction, as well as focusing on more universal engagement for PvE encounters as the original nodes tend to have very limited diversity in that regard. Each of these constellations is filled with new slottable stars only.
      • Wind Chaser sub constellation, focused on movement speed and Sprinting
        • Celerity: Increases Movement Speed by 2% per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
        • Thrill of the Hunt: Whenever you kill an enemy you gain Major Expedition for 3 seconds per stage, 2 stages, 25 points per stage
        • Refreshing Stride: You gain 100 Health and Magicka Recovery per stage while sprinting, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
      • Survivor’s Spite sub constellation, focused on pushing back and fighting against the odds
        • Sustained by Suffering: Increases your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by 30 per stage while under the effects of a negative effect, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
        • Pain’s Refuge: Reduces your damage taken by 1% per negative effect on you up to a maximum of 20%, 1 stage, 50 points
        • Relentlessness: Gain Major Protection for 3 seconds after being Stunned or Feared, 1 stage, 50 points
      • Walking Fortress sub constellation, focused on Block and Damage Shields
        • Bracing Anchor: Increases Block Mitigation by 4% per stage but lowers your movement speed by 16% at all stages, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
        • Ward Master: Reduces your damage taken by 2% while blocking with a Damage Shield active, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
        • Soothing Shield: When you successfully block an attack, you have a 15% chance to restore 147 Health per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
    • Ironclad: Renamed this passive to Fortified to prevent confusion for legacy players, as the original Ironclad has made its return in Warfare.
    • Juggernaut: Reduced the damage reduction bonus from this star to 1% per stage, down from 2%, to ensure its power is similar to other damage reduction sources in regard to its ease of access to keep up.
    • Rejuvenation: Reduced the bonus to Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery per stage to 1.8, down from 3. The final recovery will be 90 rather than 150.

    • Ironclad: This Champion star makes its return as a slottable star, reducing damage taken from direct damage attacks by 2% per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage.

    • Updated several item sets to be more performant on the server. The following item sets can now be used in campaigns that do not allow item set procs:
      • Archer's Mind
      • Battlefield Acrobat
      • Champion of the Hist
      • Darkstride
      • Duneripper's Scales
      • Healer's Habit
      • Jailbreaker
      • Mark of the Pariah
      • Medusa
      • Mighty Chudan
      • Night Mother's Embrace
      • Night Terror (3-set bonus)
      • Order of Diagna
      • Orgnum's Scales
      • Rattlecage
      • Relics of the Physician, Ansur
      • Robes of Alteration Mastery
      • Robes of Destruction Mastery
      • Shalk Exoskeleton
      • Shield of the Valiant (5-set bonus)
      • Slimecraw
      • Toothrow
      • Treasure Hunter
      • Trial by Fire
      • Twice-Born Star
      • Twilight's Embrace
      • Vampire Cloak
      • Vesture of Darloc Brae (4-set bonus)
      • Warrior-Poet
      • Way of Air (4-set bonus)
      • Way of the Arena
      • Willow's Path
    • Fixed an issue where Perfected Item Set pieces were not showing active bonuses correctly.

    Ability Altering Weapons
    • Frenzied Momentum: Fixed multiple issues where this set would fail to generate stacks when casting some Stamina abilities.

    • Prismatic Weapon: This enchantment now deals damage equal to a normal Absorb enchantment, and restores Health, Magicka, and Stamina equal to half of the potency of a singular resource, rather than dealing bonus damage to Undead and Daedra.
      Developer Comment:
      Similar to Skilled Hunter, this enchantment is too narrow in its use case, requiring it to check too many cases where it should and should not work. Rather than continuing that, this enchantment will now fit the proper theme of Prismatic enchants where it offers all 3 of the Primary resources in one at half the efficiency of a singular.

    • Diamond’s Victory: This set now better follows its statement of requiring an ability cast, and as such will no longer trigger from core combat skills such as Light Attacks or Bash. 
      Developer Comment:
      This change was done to fix multiple workarounds where you could get stacks of this set’s bonuses without incurring a cost or gameplay pattern change when its power is built around such. 
    • Grave-Stake Collector: 
      • Fixed an issue where this set could fail when multiple players used it. 
      • Fixed an issue where this set had a hidden 1.1 second cooldown in addition to not being able to have multiple stakes active.
    • Pelinal’s Aptitude:
      • Renamed this set to Pelinal’s Wrath.
      • This set now grants you a damage shield based on your Weapon or Spell Damage and a stack of Wrath of Whitestrake for 10 seconds whenever you kill an enemy.
      • Wrath of Whitestrake grants you up to 100 Weapon and Spell Damage per stack, but causes you to take 1% of your Max health as Oblivion Damage every second per stack, up to 10 stacks max.
      • This set’s 2 through 4-piece bonuses are now Weapon and Spell Damage (2), Offensive Penetration (3), and Weapon and Spell Damage (4), rather than Max Health, Stamina Recovery, and Magicka Recovery.
      • This set no longer causes your Weapon and Spell Damage to become the highest of the two values.

    Dungeon & Arena
    • Auroran’s Thunder: This set is now properly labeled as Damage over Time and a proc.
    • Azureblight Reaper: Fixed an issue where this set was not obeying its cooldown on recently affected targets.
    • Crusader:
      • This set now grants you a damage shield based on your Weapon and Spell Damage for 6 seconds and creates an Area of Effect beneath you for 10 seconds whenever you deal direct damage with a Blink, Charge, Leap, Teleport, or Pull ability. Every 2 seconds, the area grants you and group members inside Minor Courage for 12 seconds. These effects can occur once every 20 seconds.
      • This set’s 2 through 4-piece bonuses are now Weapon and Spell Damage (2, 3, and 4) rather than Max Stamina, Stamina Recovery, and Max Stamina.
      • This set no longer increases your dodge chance bonus of Roll Dodge by 0.3 seconds.
    • Pestilent Host: This set can now stack between multiple wearers. Large groups beware!
    • Pillar of Nirn: The initial hit from this set can now be properly blocked.
    • Sunderflame: This set now has a 2.1 second cooldown to prevent situations where repeated Heavy Attacks prevented it from dealing any damage.
    • Unleashed Terror: This set is now properly labeled as a proc and has a 2 second delay before it deals damage. The total damage and duration remain the same.
    • Viper’s Sting: This set now has a 1 second delay and ticks 4 times instead of 5 times. The total damage over the duration remains the same.

    Monster Masks
    • Kjalnar’s Nightmare: Fixed an issue where you could still generate stacks for a short window against targets who were recently affected by this set.
    • Kra’gh’s: This set’s attack hit box now better matches its visual effects and adjusted its visual frequency to match its actual frequency. Overall, this will slightly decrease the width of the attack (-25cm) but increase the length (+3m).
    • Selene: Updated this set to no longer spawn a real spirit bear pet, and now summons a visual bear to maul your foes. This should significantly improve its performance without changing its behavior too drastically, other than fixing multiple issues where it could synergize with sets such as Necropotence.
    • Sellistrix: This set is now properly labeled as a proc.
    • Stormfist: The Storm Atronach fist from this set can now be properly dispelled as it is pretty darn magical when you think about it.
    • Velidreth:
      • This set’s disgusting “spores” longer explode after hitting a target, and instead now continue to travel in a straight line.
      • Fixed a few edge cases where the set would fail to work with multiple users.

    Mythic Items
    • Pearls of Ehlnofey: Fixed an issue where this set was incorrectly proccing off damage abilities that healed you when they dealt damage. This set was balanced around frequently having to cast healing abilities and this occurrence worked around this requirement, causing it to be significantly stronger than intended in some cases.

    • Nikulas’ Heavy Armor:
      • This set now grants a stack of Nikulas’ Resolve for 5 seconds whenever you successfully block, which after 8 stacks, you consume them and completely avoid the next direct damage attack made against you within 5 seconds.
      • This set no longer has a 25% chance on blocking spell projectiles to reflect them back to the attacker.
    • Sithis’ Touch:
      • This set now grants 5% movement speed for 30 seconds whenever you kill an enemy, up to 20 times, and grants invisibility for 3 seconds when activating.
      • This set’s 2 through 4-piece bonuses are now Max Stamina (2), Max Magicka (3), and Weapon and Spell Damage (4), rather than Max Health, Max Health, and Critical Chance.
      • This set no longer grants Major Berserk whenever you kill an enemy with the Blade of Woe.
    • Stygian:
      • This set now grants hybrid stats rather than exclusively Magicka based stats.
      • Its 4-piece bonus is now Offensive Penetration rather than Max Magicka. The 5-piece bonus now requires you to be in combat to proc (note that this will still work with successful sneak attacks).
    • Syvarra’s Scales: The initial hit from this set can now be properly blocked.
    • Twin Sister’s: Fixed an issue where the Damage over Time from this ability could be dodged and blocked in some cases.

    PvP Sourced
    • Deadly Strike: Reduced this set's bonus damage to 18%, down from 20%. This set now works on all channeled and Damage over Time effects, rather than only Martial-based ones.
    • Galerion’s Revenge: This set is now properly labeled as a proc.
    • Meritorious Service and Powerful Assault: Fixed an issue where these sets did not properly follow their intended sorting behavior with how they applied to targets. They will now prioritize nearby players to the wearer of the set that do not have the effect active already.
    • Vicecannon of Venom: The Damage over Time from this set can now stack from multiple users.

    • Kyne’s Wind: Fixed an issue where this set would activate when you cast an ability while under the effects of a Major Buff, rather than casting an ability that applies a Major Buff to you or an ally.
    • Roar of Alkosh: Increased this set’s Armor reduction cap to 6000, up from 3000. Perhaps damage dealers will finally wear it, but probably not.
    • Sul-Xan’s Torment: Fixed an issue where if multiple players procced this set and had a soul active at any given time, anyone picking up a soul would remove all others around them in a 3 meter radius. It will now only remove the user’s soul, so multiple people can properly use the set!
    • Twilight Remedy: Fixed an issue where this set could apply to yourself if you activated your own synergy.
      Developer Comment:
      The power of the set is designed around it being selfless in nature and would require reductions in power to retain this oversight in behavior since it was designed well before Unnerving Boneyard, Lady Thorn, or Blood Altar existed in their current forms.
    • Yandir’s Might:
      • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Damage from Giant's Endurance did not apply to your abilities.
      • This set now grants Giant's Endurance for 5 seconds per stack, rather than indefinitely.
      • This set no longer requires you to have 5 pieces active to retain the stacks since they are not permanent. This should fix multiple issues and inconsistencies with this set.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where the Unstable Core ability could refresh itself even if you were immune to Crowd Control, and made the immunity granted from breaking it more reliable.
    • The Telekinetic Prison ability is no longer a 6 or 4 second Disorient (depending on their cast time) and is instead an outright 4 second Stun, making it less prone to issues when paired with other Crowd Control abilities.
    • The Extended Chains ability now operates more closely to players’ versions and will no longer apply two sources of Crowd Control Immunity, previously creating situations where you could more likely become stuck in a Crowd Control.
    • Fixed an issue where the damage from Extended Chains was mitigated by Physical Resistance instead of Spell Resistance.
    • Fixed an issue where Crystal Shard casted by Guards was granting two forms of CC immunity.

    Imperial City
    • Fixed an issue where adds part of the fight with Uzzai were invisible in Imperial City's Arena District.

    • Previewing Armor or Weapons while using a polymorph will no longer result in strange appearances.
    • Fixed an issue where you could use the crow assistants while in werewolf form, causing an animation error.
    • Fixed an issue with the Sul-Xan female Light Chest and Robe pieces where the armor would cause a visual issue on your character’s back.
    • Fixed an issue where you were unable to preview the Velidreth’s Guise helm.

    • Rebalanced the Master Writ randomization across the Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothing crafts to produce an equal chance of a random item set to craft. Previously, some sets inadvertently had a slightly higher chance to be generated.
    • Fixed an issue where obtaining a Master Writ to craft The Daring Corsair, Ancient Dragonguard, or New Moon Acolyte item sets was not possible. 
    • Fixed a quest pin in the Blacksmithing Certification Quest in Daggerfall that was pointing to an incorrect location. Now, when asked to Talk to Milleneth after smithing iron ingots, you will actually be pointed to Milleneth's location. 
    • Fixed a lingering issue where some monsters would not drop double crafting items during some events. 
    • The Heartland Conqueror Jewelry Station now properly displays the full Set name. 
    • Updated a variety of weapon Outfit Styles to more accurately reflect how they function. 
    • Updated the Celestial, Dro-m'Athra, Refabricated, Sea Giant, Sunspire, and Welkynar Outfit Styles' acquire hints to more accurately reflect their actual acquisition method. 
    • Updated the sourcing for the Argent Pelt and Bloodscent Dew Style Items to better match motif style item sourcing from other dungeons. 
    • Adjusted some Cooking Fires' cameras to not skew oddly when playing in Gamepad Mode. 

    • Adjusted the preview camera for the Azure Blight Wild Hunt Steed so it better frames around your character.
    • Homes with both unfurnished and furnished versions once again show a plus sign next to their crown cost, as intended.

    • Sanctum Ophidia
      • Stonebreaker
        • Reduced the damage of the Ground Slam ability.
        • Stonebreaker will no longer use the Leaping Crusha ability.

    Midyear Mayhem
    • In preparation for a renaming of this event next year, you will note that a number of help references, achievement names/descriptions, collectible names/descriptions, and items/item descriptions have been updated accordingly. The new event name will be Whitestrake’s Mayhem, retaining its connection to Pelinal Whitestrake but reworked in context so that it can run multiple times per year.
      • The functionality of these collectibles/items is unchanged, as will the general structure of the event. All that is changing at this point in time is the name of the event and its references, and any additional updates will be telegraphed when next the event comes to Tamriel.
      • Below are some specific Collectibles that are affected in some way by this change:
        • Descriptions will be updated for the Star-Made Wolfshead, Star-Made Sword Coronet and Star-Made Diamond Diadem.
        • The Midyear Victor’s Laurel Wreath will be known as the Mayhem Victor's Laurel Wreath.
      • Event Achievements for Midyear Mayhem will be updated where relevant to account for the naming change, either in its proper name or in the achievement category. Their functions have not changed, only the name and description where is relevant.

    New Life Festival
    • Fixed an old issue where New Life Festival revelers were hanging out at taverns all year 'round in Stonefalls. Go home, it's summertime!

    Witches Festival
    • Hollowjack motif pages now come as a reward for turning in Witches Festival writs, allowing a less gated progression toward the achievement, “Happy Work for Hollowjack”. The achievement description is updated to account for this.
    • Fixed an issue where Witches Festival writs wouldn't point to the cities of Rimmen, Solitude, or Leyawiin if you happened to be in those zones where turn-in crates were located.

    • Fixed an issue where you were unable to earn a Pristine Dragon Heartscale, Defiled Oathstone, or Cinder Ash Plate in some cases. 

    • Corrected Companion-related achievements that referred to Epic-quality equipment as "purple" quality. 
    • Updated the text of the "Room for Two" achievement to specify that a Companion Houseguest needs to be placed in a home in order to grant the achievement. 
    • Corrected minor typos in the text of Companions achievements related to the Mages and Fighters Guild, where the Guilds' names had incorrect apostrophes in them. They don't agree on everything, but they're both very particular on that sort of thing. 

    • Your camera will no longer occasionally pop through solid objects when swimming in tight spaces.

    • The “Leyawiin Palisade, Reinforced” can now be found in the Fences subcategory, instead of the Wells subcategory. Vowels aside, walls don’t make great water sources.
    • The Clockwork Clothing and Woodworking stations now correctly open the crafting interface when used from the side, rather than just having your character walk towards the table and stop.
    • Improved the collision for the interior of the “Leyawiin Wagon, Covered” furnishing, so objects no longer float when aligned to the interior.
    • Corrected a small clipping issue with the “Dwarven Urn, Masks” furnishing.
    • Updated the names for the “Ancient Nord Prayer Wheel, Four-Faced” and “Ancient Nord Prayer Wheel Frame, Engraved” to be Nedic instead of Nord, to better match the context these are originally found in.
    • Fixed an issue where the Stained Glass of Zenithar furnishing would float just slightly off the ground when aligned to surfaces.
    • Corrected the names of the achievements referenced in the purchase requirements for three of the Blackwood achievement furnishings, which were previously inaccurate.
      • Deadlands Pillar, Tall Inscribed requires the Ambition Acquirer achievement.
      • Deadlands Podium of Ruination requires the Disaster Averter achievement.
      • Deadlands Tormentor, Chained requires the Party Crasher achievement.
    • Fixed an issue that could rarely cause certain furnishings to appear invisible when previewed.

    • Fixed a minor issue in Water’s Edge where some distant trees on the horizon were floating slightly.

    • The goblet that Stibbons pulls out periodically no longer flickers near its rim.
    • Fixed a minor issue that caused Javinus Tirnendo’s legs to twitch at the end of his turn when you spoke to him from certain angles.

    Housing Editor
    • Adjusted rotation in Precision Edit Mode to be from the perspective of the object, instead of from an arbitrary perspective.
      • This means that when you adjust a painting in Precision Edit Mode, you can always adjust the angle it is hanging at with a single edit rather than having to make several small edits to try to get it just right.
    • The green outline for Target Dummies and Assistants now properly changes color to yellow when they are rotated to an invalid placement, matching the behavior once placed. This only applies to the outline in the editor, which now matches the pre-existing logic that determines whether a placement is actually valid.
    • Fixed an issue where several furnishings would appear off-center when previewed prior to placement.
    • Fixed an issue where several other furnishings would appear off-center in preview initially, but then snap to the center when rotated.

    • Improved some loading times, such as when you press the Login button.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a queue when entering an in-progress dungeon.
    • Made minor performance improvements to rain effects.
    • System Mails that are sent to you due to pre-purchasing, buying a Collector's Edition, or a few other real-world purchases or activities, will no longer expire in your inbox.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading in from character select or jumping between zones.
    • Fixed a rare client freeze/crash issue that could occur in combat when using First Person View.
    • Fixed an issue that caused an ESO Plus free trial to get removed before the trial had concluded.
    • Made some minor performance improvements for render-heavy situations, such as in cities and housing.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving the platform invite session right after inviting someone to join.
    • Fixed a rare crash on PlayStation 4 that could occur when a character is deleted before animations are loaded in.
    • Fixed a crash on PlayStation 5 that could occur if you jumped between zones more than 200 times in a single play session.
    • Fixed some cases where muting or unmuting other players via the console UI would not affect voice chat. Please note we are still working on a few outstanding cases where this issue could arise.

    • Fixed a whole mess of floating/clipping/sunken monsters, books, harvest nodes, treasure chests, birds, dogs, cats, wombats, and vvardvarks. Okay, there are no wombats in ESO, you got me. I’m glad you read this far, though.
    • Fixed many pathing issues with NPCs and monsters in base game zones, reducing instances where they walk through walls, over tables, trip over crates, bash their rakes into one another, and shovel empty air.
    • Fixed a number of typos and erroneous punctuation in quest dialogue, theater scenes, or books.
    • Fixed a number of issues across Tamriel where certain service NPCs would still provide services if you were a stage 4 vampire or a werewolf.
    • Fixed a number of issues related to incorrect interaction prompts on NPCs (“Use” as opposed to “Talk” or prompts that didn’t do anything). More forthcoming!
    • Fixed a number of interaction cameras with NPCs, particularly ones that were levitating, so they are properly in frame.
    • Fixed numerous issues of VO timing in the base game and beyond, with more to come.
    • Fixed issue where mounts could not be previewed at a Stable Master.

    Alik’r Desert
    • Goatherds in Alik'r no longer have goats following them around. After a years-long sting operation to report the murders of their goatherds, the goats have decided that this line of work was too depressing and have gone back to climbing on containers and producing prodigious amounts of poop.
    • Amputating the Hand: Fixed an issue where logging out or riding away while waiting for the final tomb door to open would block the quest upon return.
    • Forsaken Hearts Cave: Fixed a portal in Alik'r that had a dev-facing, gibberish name.

    • A City in Black: Fixed some issues with the ability to hide behind the rock when spying on certain characters in this quest.
    • A Handful of Stolen Dreams: You will no longer be directed through Bangkorai Garrison during this quest.
    • A Marriage in Ruins:
      • Fixed an issue where, if you use the talisman on Izzara and then immediately ran away, the quest could become blocked.
      • Fixed an issue where this quest could become blocked if you ran away from Izzara while she was destroying the spell key.
    • Freedom’s Chains: Fixed an issue where a certain effect would spontaneously play any time you approached where it originally spawns for the quest.
    • The Waking Darkness: You can now return to the Church and lay the Prince to rest if you leave during the ritual, as long as you talk to Father Quiston.

    • The Harvest Heart: Fixed an issue where Vanus and Virgar spoke at the same time when you returned.

    • Fixed an issue where you could discover the Selfora Wayshrine while approaching the Silent Mire Wayshrine.

    • Partners in Crime: Fixed an issue where the puzzle wouldn’t complete if it was solved in a certain order.

    • Fixed an issue where a portal was called a cart. It's uh, a dialect of Cyrodiilic. Yeah, that's it. They call them carts out in Colovia.
    • Keeper of Bones: Fixed an issue where you could get two Dringoths at once. The world isn’t ready for that.
    • Unsafe Haven: Fixed a quest indicator that would point to the wrong entrance of the Fort.

    • The Artisan: Fixed an issue where you would be incorrectly directed during this quest.
    • The Fading Tree: Fixed an issue where you could just burn the same tent over and over while it was already on fire.
    • The Unfilled Order: The radish quest item used in this quest now looks like an actual radish in its icon and not a weird pile of pink powder. What are we doing, curing pork?
    • The Witch of Silatar: Fixed an issue where you would be directed through the incorrect door after changing clothes for this quest.

    Main Quest
    • The Prophet will no longer chase you into the Sunless Hollow world space to try to offer you quests.
    • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Fixed an issue where you could get repetitive responses with the Hooded Figure if you belonged to a different alliance than the zone you were in when you spoke to her.

    Malabal Tor
    • A Father’s Promise: Fixed the map pin that shows up after you talk to the Aspect of Hircine so it is no longer in the wrong spot.

    • The Blood-Splattered Shield: Fixed some doors in Shadowfate Cave that zombies could shove you through and run through themselves.
    • The Liberation of Northpoint: Fixed an issue where Companions could be despawned on completing some objectives.

    • The vendor Puyatha is back at her cart. Break’s gone on long enough.
    • Unbridled Wealth: You can no longer spawn Wades-In-Muck outside of its swamp.
    • Warm Welcome: Fixed an issue where the Treasure Hunter personality torch would display while your character was hiding in a crate.

    Stros M’Kai
    • Tip of the Spearhead: Fixed an issue where Captain Kaleen was visible but not interactable if you completed this quest.

    • Hircine’s Gift: Fixed an issue where heavy attacks made while transformed didn’t restore Stamina.

    • Updated the text on several Endeavors.
    • Updated the text of a variety of Collectibles to use the term "World Boss" instead of the term "group boss". 
    • Tooltips for equipped Companion items will now state if they are hidden by an outfit, polymorph, etc.
    • Fixed an issue where you would receive an error when opening the deposit tab in a storage chest.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur after using the search field consecutively in different UIs.

    • Fixed some display issues with the ability bar timer of several abilities.

    Guilds & Guild Functionality
    • Now, when you bid on a Guild Trader and win the bid, the System Mail informing you of your mercantile victory will have the Guild's name listed in a bright white font.

    Help & Tutorials
    • The tutorial "Unlocking Champion Points" now has the correct Constellation names – Craft, Warfare, and Fitness – while in Gamepad mode. 
    • Updated outdated references to groups larger than 12 players. 
    • The tutorial for Controlling Companions will no longer show up as part of the tutorial for Scrying.
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