Epic Gear Crafting?

I thought this would be a great way to create more non meta builds unique style builds.

I see many games that have "epic" gear, in most cases is a Crafted item from quest drops that rewards a single item. This is usually class-based skill modifier and a few extra stats. Its usually not as powerful as "mythical" items, but often paired with sets for a unique class experience.

Several ideas came to mind on how to implement this in ESO in its own ESO style the way they did Mythics. But instead of scrying keep to the traditional crafting.

My thoughts
  • do a 4-part quest get some tradeable and some bound components crafted at 9 traits. Crafted at a transmutation station.
  • One of the crafted pieces needed is the Set item you want to convert to epic. Changes the items Tag to "Epic"
  • Default no cost Transmute Crystals =strips all but the 1st and 5th set bonus random Trait.
  • 25 transmute crystals to select which 2 stats you want to keep + Trait.

blueprint added to stamp book.

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