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Dressing room/Alpha Gear advice wanted

Relatively new to PC and looking for an addon to allow me to easily switch between gear and skill set ups, which I understand both of these do.

Wondered if any of you more experienced folk had a preference and which versions of these (as ESOUI has quite a few) are still regularly maintained?
  • perfiction
    Both are not updated anymore (at least for now). I'm using 'unofficial' update to AlphaGear by @zepoxnyan, you can find it in comment section of AG addon: It works just fine and it has fixed integration with ChampionPointSlots addon (so you can switch gear + skills + CP with one click).

    Original DressingRoom can be found here. Last time I checked it with Blackwood update and it worked. 'Unofficial' update to DressingRoom for Walking Flame also exists (here: but I couldn't force it to work with CP 2.0 Extension.
    Edited by perfiction on September 5, 2021 5:56PM
  • Nestor
    I use Alphagear myself. Keyboard shortcuts no longer work, perhaps i need the unofficial update.

    I remember trying Dressing Room a while back and the set up was more complicated, so i went back to AG.
    Edited by Nestor on September 7, 2021 10:40AM
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  • Majia
    I have switched to "Wizard Wardrobe" (used AG, Dressing room both for a while /years) and I am quite happy with that one. Its also up to date and has some features the others don't.
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  • Bilkton
    Thanks all, sounds like AlphaGear is the preferred/more up to date of the two but will definitely check out Wizard wardrobe too! Cheers!
  • Marcus_Aurelius
    I've used Dressing Room for a long time but now switched to Bandit Gear cause it's a lot better.
    You don't need to use Bandit UI, it's a separate addon.
  • Reverb
    I moved from Wykkyd Outfitter (years out of date) to AlphaGear a few years ago. It was such a pain to port all my set configurations and skill load outs that I really assessed all the options before I settled in AG. I still love it and it works well.
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  • Baertram
    As AlphaGear is not updated anymore atm (and nly works due to fixes done locally-no official update) there might be another alternative out meanwhile:
    Wizard's Wardrobe
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