Blackwood needs Increase drop rate for IVORY BRIGADE CLASP

I really hope they increase the drop rate for this mat. Have not gotten any from the dailies coffer...but have gotten 2 from deconning Frostbite weapons.
Sucks that there are furnishing plans from Blackwood..but obtaining the mats is rare.
  • redlink1979
    My main source of style mats is always the gear I deconstruct.
    Just be sure to have "Meticulous Disassembly" slotted and all the crafting passives unlocked and purchased in the chars you are attempting deconstruction on to maximizes your success chances.
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  • Blackskyszz
    Yeah, all my ALTS are maxed out in crafting points so that's not an issue for me.
  • stefj68
    i have 83 in my craft bags and i spent maybe 12h in blackwood
    im guessing you have a real bad luck
  • llande
    There must be something about their supply as they seem to be the most expensive style material for as long as I can remember and also one that sells almost on the spot. I only ever get it from deconstruction.
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