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Distance Closers not working -- Intended Feature?

Distance closers such as Stampede, Dragon Leap, Pounce, etc. are not firing at all in places that give you truce/safe zone immunities. This issue has long since been a blight on PvP events, particularly Battlegrounds and Imperial City, almost to the point where I'm wondering if this is an intended feature at this point?

Now, I understand that ZOS hates DKs with the same kind of passion as fire hates water, but removing one of the few good skills (an ult no less) that they have going for them does basically make them literally unplayable in PvP areas. It makes the Imperial City event a lot harder, and makes a lot of players (DK or otherwise) sitting ducks waiting to get what few telvar stones they have left robbed of them.
I know there's a workaround in Imperial City where you can "rezone" by going through doors and the like, but Battlegrounds don't have that luxury, so at that point your solution is basically just to apologize to your team and then bail so you don't just become deathmatch fodder for the other teams. but there shouldn't need to be workarounds just to make the game playable. Really now,, what even is this?

TLDR—make the game playable plzkthx.
Shortly after the formation of the Ebonheart Pact, a Nord woman was given a tour of the Tribunal Temple. When later asked about the experience, she seemed upset. Suffice to say, the Dunmer were not pleased to hear this, and thus they inquired further.
"Well," the Nord frowned, "the priests were very angry and unwelcoming. They kept shouting things at me like "you can't drink that mead in here!" and "somebody stop her, she's running naked!" and "we can't catch her; she's covered in grease!""
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