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[PC/NA] LFG to run & progress on vet dungeon HM content

Soul Shriven
I've played ESO off and on since beta. At various times i had all vet HM content cleared but there are so many new dungeons i've missed by playing intermittently. I've cleared most vet raids and cleared Sunspire HM trial ~6 weeks after it launched. So i'm a competent player (although rusty ATM). I'm looking for a more regular group of people to play with. I'd like to go through most of the DLC dungeons either again or for the first time and get all the achievements. I have mostly played stam DPS in the past, but I also have several tanks and healers and could play what role was needed.

I'm hoping to find other decently strong players, but its also really important to me that people be pretty relaxed and just trying to have fun. Not looking for toxicity or looking down on others, or people inclined to rage on failures. I play most often like 12-4pm EST and 12-3am EST. But I have a lot of flexibility with that if something else would work best. Eager to hear from people with a similar mindset!

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