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The Dread Cellar Geography


I hope this works, but here is a map of Blackwood. The description in the patch notes states that the dungeon is deep in black marsh when in reality NW of Wilke is still Cyrodiil (in fact south of Farmer’s nook and lands east of and including Gideon are what consists of Black Marsh, draw a curve between old deathwart’s pond to Shardius’s excavation for a rough idea for the border between the 2 provinces collected from how roughly county leyawiin in oblivion was). I just find the slight inaccuracy a little funny its all lol.
  • Supreme_Atromancer
    Ha, nice catch! In fact, it pretty much exists in what will eventually be a Niben Valley zone. Gotta give 'em some leeway though - its probably just evocative writing for marketing purposes and not lore, per se. Or we could stretch it a bit and say that even more so than other places, the borders between Cyrodiil and Black Marsh are particularly nebulous, despite what the maps say.
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