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Combat music never stops after using Blade of Woe

Soul Shriven
I'm on PS5 and whenever I use the Blade of Woe once for the rest of the time I'm playing the combat music never stops. No matter where I go or what I'm doing it constantly persists. Even if I log out and change characters, the combat music is still playing. This is really annoying and I've basically had to turn off the music. Using "reloadui" doesn't help. The only way it stops is to completely close the game application and restart but that's not a solution because I use the Blade of Woe quite often. Please help, this has been going on for a while. I've submitted in-game tickets with no response.

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  • cynicalbutterfly
    I've encountered the same bug. It's not just Blade of Woe that can trigger it. Doing anything illegal can. It'll happen with or without acquiring a bounty. Nothing seems to keep it from happening. As far as I'm aware it happens in every zone. And it doesn't matter if you have a companion out or not.

    Only way to stop it is by getting in combat and killing your opponents. Or dying at the hands of guards. Waiting for the bounty to clear does nothing. Half the time you don't even have a bounty and you still get stuck with the combat music. Relogging does nothing. Restarting the game app clears it. Clearing the data file does nothing.

    I've reported it every time I have encountered it. Which is a lot on days that endeavors ask for something illegal to be done.
  • The3sFinest
    This is still an issue today. Porting to a different zone is the only way to stop it, it can even stretch to your next character login.
  • vivisectvib16_ESO
    The combat music is the worst. So glad they added the option to turn it off and I never have to hear those stupid nonsense drums again.
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