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Balance Idea

So I love this game. I have been playing for a long time about 7 years now. And its one of my favourite games.
As one of the people who begged you (Zos) to add battlegrounds I loved you guys for adding this. It really was a great addition to an already great game. Thank you.

The problems I have had with battlegrounds have largely been based around performance and balance. And yes I have been pretty vocal about some of these issues.
It can be extremely frustrating when your favourite game doesn't work as intended in a competitive setting.
And I have been giving it a lot of thought lately.

This isn't going to be a hate on ZOS thread. Even though in the past I have spoken negatively about ZOS in anger when something hasn't worked, I genuinely feel like for the most part you guys nail it. This really is a great game.

I'm not going to come at you guys about performance. Every game has issues and there have been issues the whole time. That stuff is kind of expected at this point. Especially when your customers are often located in other countries. Its probably extremely difficult to manage compared to something smaller that uses p2p.

So a lot of issues come from balance. I'm not even going to lie I don't envy you guys at all. What a difficult task you have. Especially on a game as complex as this and with so many different ways to build characters. Just thinking about the amount of work involved on something like that gives me a migraine. The amount of things you would have to check each change against would be insane.

Now I could be wrong but as a player it very much feels like you guys are balancing classes around cyrodiil and large scaled combat.

Now I know people have asked for small scaled 2v2 or 3v3 arenas before and it hasn't gone anywhere but hear me out for a second. I think you might have a better chance at finding a balance that keeps as many people as possible happy if you implemented this.

I'm not deluded in thinking that its even remotely possible to make everyone happy. It just can't be done.

But I think for the purposes of balance small scaled arenas would be able to more accurately highlight the problem areas in character builds and how builds react with other builds. It would probably also make in house testing a little easier.

I mean duelling seems like a good way to test right. But duelling doesn't show how your build acts when being healed or buffed up. Or how well that templar build performs when partnered with a DK or a nightblade.

I mean its just food for thought at this point. But I really think if you guys add some small scaled arenas you might have an easier time with it all.

  • SkaraMinoc
    I think you are very passionate about PvP and I'm the same way. It's my #1 preferred activity for MMOs. I always consider myself PvP first, PvE second. So you can understand how disappointed I am when ESO small scale PvP is missing core features that other MMOs had 15 years ago.

    @ZOS_BrianWheeler What am I supposed to do for end game content? I've completed every dungeon, I don't enjoy PvE raiding, I hate questing, my house is decorated, and Cyrodiil is too spread out for me. So what's left? Battlegrounds and IC during Midyear Mayhem.

    I would love daily quests for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 ranked arenas. I'd try to do them all every day.

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