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[PC/NA] THAT WASN'T THE BOSS - Friendly Veteran Trials Guild

Soul Shriven
At That Wasn’t The Boss?, we’re all about clearing vet content while treating people with respect, patience, and a bit of good humor. We stand by our values, too, and believe that you can be a great player without treating other people like trash mobs.

WE HAVE ONE MAIN RULE: Be excellent to each other, dudes!

Whether you’re just taking your first steps into veteran trials or are a seasoned vet still working on those vHMs, we’d love to have you join us!

WE ALWAYS NEED FILLS, especially for DPS! Life comes first at TWTB, so almost every team needs a backup or two each week. Requirements vary by group. In general, DPS should be able to hit 65-70k for standard vets and 85k+ for veteran HMs. Tanks and healers should have standard support gear for their role, skill loadouts, and buff uptimes. If you’re still working on these things, that’s okay! We can help.

TWTB has fantastic, friendly raid leaders who want to help you learn and grow as a player. (No, seriously, our raid leaders are awesome human beings.) Our guild hall is in progress with multiple trial dummies, an Aetherial Well, popular Mundus Stones and crafting stations, and transmute station.

Check us out on Discord at or send an in-game mail to @Nightharrow or @Wryndolyn for an invite. We look forward to killing pixels with you!
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