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Official Discussion Thread for "Update 31 Preview- ESO Graphical Improvements"


This is the official discussion thread for the blog article, "Update 31 Preview- ESO Graphical Improvements"

Learn about some of the graphical improvements coming with Update 31 from ZOS’s Lead Graphics Engineer, Alex Tardif.
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  • Keylun
    Will fog ever be reduced?
  • majulook
    multithreading to PC via a new opt-in beta setting

    See the PTS feedback thread>>>>

    Si vis pacem, para bellum
  • Aardappelboom
    Nice improvements, especially for consoles, looking forward to some improved weather effects and animations in the future!
  • Hotdog_23
    Thanks but any update on the constant crashes happening on the PS5.
  • orgin_stadia
    Hmm no mention on Stadia until the last section. Will this affect Stadia in some way? Will we finally be getting a 60hz performance mode?
  • majulook
    From the PTS notes:

    Multithreaded Rendering
    Multithreaded Rendering (Beta) is an optional performance optimization available in the Video Settings panel. This option enables a separate thread for the render process which can improve performance and provide a smoother overall experience if the limiting factor on your device is CPU processing, rather than GPU processing. The setting change is only applied after a client restart.

    Please note if you have this option enabled, you may hear your PC graphics cards working hard during loading screens. This is expected with the framerate now being uncapped during loading

    My Questuin: Why uncap the frame rate during loading screens?

    Si vis pacem, para bellum
  • Fata1moose
    Sitting here on my HDR monitor for PC twiddling my thumbs.
    majulook wrote: »

    My Questuin: Why uncap the frame rate during loading screens?

    it helps to loading faster data from your install drive.
    It`s a cheap Trick to suggest shorter loading screens.
    The same as the mod "Load Accelerator" "for Fallout 4.
    (Description:Reduce the loading time by controlling vsync(fps) and CPU affinity at loading screen.
    This is expected to shorten the loading time under the SSD environment.
    (Under HDD environment does not seem to have much effect) ).

    Just my Opinion:
    It's not really the Problemsolver for ESO which has Serverresponse-Errors at loading a cell, but i'll give it a try.
    Generates a lot of heavy stress for your GFX-Card at Loading and can be risky for your Graphiccard if you STUCK in a LOADING SCREEN for few minutes.

  • ZareShadows
    When are you adding support for HDR on PC ? It has been ignored for so long and not fully supported. Console is getting a new HDR but PC is again ignored with no option for HDR settings or option to switch between default / vibrant. Which is kind of disappointing and feels like you continue to ignore PC players.

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